#WOTR20 #Review #NewRelease — Rain Kimber: An Ariel Kimber Novella by Mary Martel

Rain Kimber: An Ariel Kimber Novella

Rain Kimber thought that finding his daughter and finally being able to be a part of her life after so many years without her would be the end of his adventure.
He thought he’d find her, take care of the woman who’d stolen his child away from him (you don’t want to know), and then the two of them would immediately become the family they’d been before she’d been taken. Rain would soon learn that life didn’t always work out the way you wanted it to, and really? That was a lesson he should have learned a long time ago.
But it wasn’t all about heartbreak for Rain. With his daughter he gained an entire Coven of family, even the ones he didn’t want. What father got along with all of his daughter’s boyfriends? Not Rain, that’s for sure.
Just as life wasn’t all about heartache anymore for Rain didn’t mean it was all about happiness and rainbows either. The Alexander Coven, the one his daughter had joined, seemed to be a magnet for trouble and Ariel Kimber was right in the middle of it. Which meant Rain was right there with her.
And he wouldn’t have it any other way.


I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

I absolutely love this series every time a new book comes out I am all over it and then want more when it is done. This is all about Rain and there was always something about him that drew me in. After reading this book there is so much more to Rain and makes me love him even more.

Rain had everything a wife and a daughter, but all that was taken from him shattering his heart. He found himself a loner hiding from the council. Now being reunited with his daughter his family keeps getting bigger and bigger. Rain shows he has a big heart even if he tries to hide it. He is 100% devoted to Ariel and making her happy. Even though he doesn’t like all of the boys in Ariel’s coven he will tolerate them because Ariel loves them. Rain will do anything to protect his family even if he puts himself in harms way.

Thanks to Ariel they find Baxter and Isobel, two awesome new characters. With having these two around we get to see a bit more of Rain’s heart opening. However, it does open up a conversation between Ariel and Quinton or should I say argument. I love how all these men will drop what ever to come to Ariel’s side to help her with what ever she needs. Their devotion and loyalty is by far superior to anything I have ever seen.

I have to say I really need more Rain, more Isobel, more Bax, well just more of everyone. I am so thrilled to hear that Dash is next and cannot wait to hear more about him and what is going on with the council and the witches.

Mary Martel was born in West Michigan and spent the majority of her life there. She currently resides in North Dakota with her husband, and her two beautiful daughters. She’s an avid reader, and when not writing she can be found with her nose stuck in a book.

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