#WOTR21 #PNR #FairyTales #BookSpotlight – Of Beasts And Bells (A Fairytale Adventure Book 3) by J.E. Mueller

Of Beasts and Bells (A Fairytale Adventure #3)

Ash is used to moving from city to city ever since her father was jailed. This new place? Less than stellar. And the people? Provincial at best. It’s only a matter of time before they move again, so what does it matter?

Everything falls into a pattern. Coffee, books, and avoid the local idiot who won’t leave her alone. Things aren’t perfect, but hey, there’s books! The predictable timeline shatters when Marcus, Ash’s brother, mysteriously vanishes. His GPS leads her to an enchanted castle with no wifi, and a Beast who is behind on the times.Can Ash find a way to break the castle’s spell or will she be trapped here forever?

*Of Beasts And Bells is part of a fairytale universe.
The first three can be read in any order. Suggested reading order by the author:
-An Unexpected Brew
-For The Guild
-Of Beasts And Bells


J.E.Mueller is known as the storyteller among her friend group. Telling tales and weaving plots was always second nature for Mueller growing up. After college Mueller decided to go from telling and dabbling in plots to actually getting a novel out there in the world. After many cups of coffee later, and several dead red pens, there was success.

Aside from writing, the author also enjoys reading a wide variety of books and has even joined in helping others with the writing process by alpha and beta reading. When not part of the written world, Mueller can also be found playing action/adventure games, rpgs, sandbox, and nonsense games. Some of her favorites include. Skyrim, Alice: Madness Returns, Splatoon, Fat Princess, Stardew Valley, and the Legend of Zelda series.

Updates on future books, events, and giveaways can be found at https://linktr.ee/j.e.mueller

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