#NewRelease #PartOfASeries – What You See (Sons of the Survivalist Book 3) by Cherise Sinclair

What You See (Sons of the Survivalist, #3)

She will risk everything to rescue her friend.

Frankie’s BFF and four-year-old son are trapped inside a fanatical militia’s compound. In Alaska, no less. Wilderness rescues are so not in the New Yorker’s skill set. But she’ll figure it out. She must.

Bull’s new roadhouse server is a mass of contradictions.

The city girl’s reasons for being in Alaska don’t add up. Bull’s been burned by liars before. So, why is he falling for this crap again? Maybe it’s her big brown eyes, exuberant personality—or her generous, compassionate heart. Whatever the reason is, he cares. If she’s in trouble, he’ll do his damnedest to get her out.

The huge Alaskan is terrifyingly compelling–and heartwarmingly concerned for her.

But Frankie refuses to involve Bull in the deadly mess. Her plan to rescue her bestie will work without anyone getting hurt. As she tries her best not to fall in love, she doggedly acquires each skill she’ll need.

Getting shot, though…that hadn’t been on her to-do list.



Review by Twinsie Angie

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Oh Bull!!  I tell ya this guy had my heart from the first chapter!!!  Mako raised those boys with tough love but also the kindness that they each needed.  These boys would make their dad proud.

Bull is running his Roadhouse and hires a new waitress who happens to be here on a mission to save her best friend and child.  Frankie is no doubt not a fan of Bull initially.  She overhears something and is mistaken by it.  She soon learns Bull is not what she seems and is having a hard time staying true to her path of rescue for her friend.

Bull is intrigued by Frankie and knows she is someone he needs to tread lightly around.  She isn’t his ex but she needs some TLC.  The couple find a dynamic that is perfect and what the other is looking for.  Can I just say I like Cherise’s ability to write these amazing characters?  The men you obviously want for your own but the women you can relate to on so many levels.

Seeing Gabe and Caz still going strong with their ladies is always a treat.  Adding another woman to the family mix is amazing but friends……Hawk.  Yo!! He needs some TLC in the biggest way possibly.  He is the book I am counting the days for.  He is the one who captured my heart immediately out of the group.

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she’s renowned for writing heart-wrenching romances with laugh-out-loud dialogue, alpha males, and absolutely sizzling sex.

I met my dearheart when vacationing in the Caribbean. Now I won’t say it was love at first sight. Actually since he stood over me, enjoying the view down my swimsuit top, I might have been a tad peeved—as well as attracted. But although we were together less than two days and lived on opposite sides of the country, love can’t be corralled by time or space.

We’ve now been married for many, many years. (And he still looks down my swimsuit tops.)

Nowadays, I live in the west with this obnoxious, beloved husband and a seventy-pound lap-puppy. I’m a gardener, and I love nurturing small plants until they’re big and healthy and productive…and ripping defenseless weeds out by the roots when I’m angry. I enjoy thunderstorms, collecting eggs from the chickens, and visiting the local brewery for the darkest, maltiest beer on tap. My favorite way to spend an evening is curled up on a couch next to the master of my heart, watching the fire, reading, and…well…if you’re reading my books, you obviously know what else happens in front of fires.

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