#NewRelease #PNR – Dire by D. Fischer

Dire (A Rise of the Realms Short Story) by [D. Fischer]

(This is a Rise of the Realms short story.)
Set in a time where the first born witch’s sacrifice was made, one fae must save her daughters before they too, find the same fate.


An author, a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a reader.

D. Fischer is a mother of two very busy boys, a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband, and an owner of two hyper sock-loving dogs and an attention seeking fat cat. Together, they live in a quiet little corner in a state that’s located in the middle of the great USA.

D. Fischer is, by no means, an expert in literature, but a book lover at heart. After her kids are tucked in and fast asleep in their dream worlds, she spends most of her evenings buried in Paranormal Science Fiction books, but her dream as been to publish one of her own – not for fame, but for an easy read for all of the other Paranormal Science Fiction lovers out there.

D. Fischer dedicates her books to those exhausted fathers, mothers, and hard-working citizens who just want to come home, sit down, and relax into a world that isn’t their own.

In order to maintain privacy, this author has decided to refrain from giving more personal information than what you see above. She wants to thank you for purchasing her books as it helps support her dream, hobby, and household.

***This author is currently working on her next book: Brenna Johnson’s Story: (The Cloven Pack Series) Check back soon!***

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