#PreOrder #YA – ROB STARR by JA Howard

Rob Starr (sigh) was out of Mia Morgan’s league. Of course she had a crush on him. Everyone did. Not that she could ever admit that. It would just be too weird. For starters, their moms were besties and Mia had known Rob since she was five. But while Mia was now a demi-geek with relentlessly-frizzy hair, Rob had become a demi-god and Ellsworth High’s basketball superstar. Besides, he’d been going out with the totally perfect Chloe Olsen since, like, forever.
But one October afternoon, a terrible accident changed everything. Mia and Rob were suddenly living in the same house and spending a lot of time alone together.
Soon, Mia’s world was changing in ways she never thought possible: new clothes, new friends, and an incredibly hot boyfriend. But was any of it real? Would any of it last? And did getting everything she wanted mean giving up everything she was?

J. A. Howard, aka Julie Howard, is an author and business executive living in New York. An avid reader of fantasy and science fiction – especially when the protagonists are teens – Howard aspires to write the perfect book for her fifteen year old self. Mother of two daughters, she is a strong advocate for the healthy development and empowerment of young women and girls. The Third Coin, her first novel, encourages sisterhood and compassion among young teens

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