#WOTR21 #AttendingAuthor #PartOfASeries #ShortAndSteamy —Mine for Keeps (Grove Valley book 4) by: Dove Daniels

Dove Daniels is a PEN name for Attending Author AD Ellis.

He’s a bad boy with a reputation, but it’s time to settle down.
She’s a strong, sassy woman who doesn’t need a man.

Ajax Jackson may have been a player in the past, but the horse trainer has grown up. He’s not looking for love, but when it kicks him in the gut, he can’t deny he’s ready for it—with the right woman.
Scarlet Duke doesn’t need a man and she most definitely doesn’t need a playboy who just wants one thing. But when she gets a chance to see beyond Ajax’s bad reputation, she realizes maybe he’s more than what he seems.

This is book number 4 in the Grove Valley Romance series. The entire series is broken into three subseries:

Rocky Grove Ranch-
Always Mine
Eternally Mine
Forever Mine
Mine for Keeps

Hickory Grove Academy-
Cherish Me
Treasure Me
Worship Me
Yearn for Me

Rose Grove Ridge-

The twelve books will release every 1-2 weeks until the series is complete. Each book is a complete short story; these are not serials.



Review by Twinsie Tenise

Mine for Keeps is Scarlet and Ajax’s story. He’s been trying to get close to her for a while but Scarlet is convinced a man like him can’t possibly want her. Ajax has work to do if he wants to prove he wants her and only her. The question is- will Scarlet finally believe him?

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