#WOTR22 #AudioReview – Outcast: Pack Prophecy Series, Book 1 – By R.L. Caulder – Narrators: Heather Costa and Jeffrey Kafer

Outcast: Pack Prophecy Series, Book 1

“The arrival of the Prophetess will bring both hope and destruction for the wolves of the world. She alone will be able to save them – or damn them.”

The dark prophecy that has been passed down since the first pack of shifters is coming to fruition – and I am at the center of it. An orphaned human taken in by a pack of wolves. The fate of their existence in my hands.

I’ve been treated as the dirt beneath the pack’s paws for years. Will they be able to accept my new role when my powers surface? Will I be able to forgive them enough to help them?

The bright spot amongst all the turmoil…finding my three fated. Until one of them rejects our bond. The one thing I know for sure…death is coming for us all, soon, and the person responsible for it? Their betrayal is going to alter the shifter world forever.

I’ll conquer my powers, protect the packs, and live happily ever after with my men, right? Wrong.

No one is prepared for the vile truths of my visions to come to light.

Contains mature themes.


Review by Twinsie Melinda

I purchased this audio.

This is a new to me author.  This book hooked me from the start.  Heather Costa and Jeffrey Kafer did a wonderful job narrating this book.  I have listened to several books narrated by Jeffrey and as always, his narration had me captivated. Heather Costa also had a way with narration also. I did not want to press pause on this one.

A girl who was being raised by wolves and was not treated well.  Kira thought of herself as a no one always in the shadows. One-night under the full moon changes everything and her world is turned upside down.  Kira is a true alpha and finds she has not one mate but three.  OH, my I love two of her mates the other one I really feel bad for. He has so much anger built up since he was a kid. His true mate pull and his hatred working against one another. The chemistry between Kira and her mates made the sexiest and steamy scenes. Milo is my favorite mate always having Kira’s back. Seth grew on me as the book went on. He was not perfect in the beginning but showed that he was devoted to supporting Kira. Then there is Jamison he harbors so much anger for Kira since the death of his mother. Just when I thought he was going to come around he proved the darkness in him was hanging on tight.

Kira was amazing when she started standing up for herself and taking charge, I was cheering her on she would be an amazing Alpha.  Even though she was the center of the prophecy she had to overcome all the prenotions of her by the pack. She had to overcome many obstacles to prove her status and even this the cards were stacked against her. The ending of this one had me grabbing the next book.  I need to know what happens next.

R.L. Caulder is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in her writing cave away from the intense heat of the Florida sun with her husband and furry writing assistants, MeowMeow and Winrey. Life is never boring for R.L., who has hundreds of imaginary friends constantly vying for her attention and begging for their stories to be told.

If you’re looking for ways to interact with R.L., you can find her on Facebook, in her group:
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