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Cocky Doc: A Hero Club Novel by [Samantha  Lind , Hero  Club ]

I was minding my own business at my new job as a child life specialist when the sexiest doctor in the hospital fell into my lap… literally.

He was every woman’s fantasy, the Adonis in a white coat was charming, not to mention brilliant.

Dr. Andrew “Drew” Montgomery was quite the catch, not the usual type of guy who I’d expect to fall for a woman like me.

The first man who saw past my wheelchair, Drew was also the first man I could see myself settling down with.

We started dating, and everything seemed fine, but something was holding him back, Drew was married to his job and he carried the weight of his namesake. A name I wasn’t sure I could live up to.

I meant to keep my guard up, but it was no use. I was in over my head the moment his gorgeous blue eyes thoroughly examined me.

I knew my body was in good hands, but could I trust my heart with the cocky doctor?


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this ebook and audio since the audio was on sale at the time.

I will say I LOVED Jacob’s narration for the story.  His voice for Drew and Megan were great.  He also did a killer voice for Drew’s best friend.  Lucy’s narration for Megan and Drew were ok.  It was a little too breathy at times and seemed to not flow as easy as Jacob did.  But it didn’t stop with my enjoyment of the story.

Drew is a total playboy.  He loves his job and loves to hit it and quit it with the ladies.  He isn’t looking for anything serious because he doesn’t think he has anything to give anyone. When he literally crashes into the new Child Life Specialist at the hospital, he soon realizes the best things can come in wheelchairs.

Megan is so excited to finally have her dream job.  Being wheelchair ridden she knows what it’s like being stuck in the hospital as a kiddo and wants to help others.  When she gets to work on her first day, she meets Lucy who soon becomes her best friend and job mentor.  When the hot doctor lands in her lap, she is stunned how polite and kind he is.  The two soon become friends and when they find themselves as dates for a hospital gala, the couple soon see each other in a different light.

The story is a great show of how when you find the right person everything in your life soon clicks and fits right!!  Megan is the best support system for Drew.  Drew is the best man for Megan in that he shows her everything she never thought would be possible.  I loved this story.  I loved how the couple are so perfect for each other.  They are the ying to the others yang.

Samantha Lind is a contemporary romance author. Having spent the first 27 years of her life in Alaska, she now calls Iowa home where she lives with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, watching hockey (Go Knights Go!), and listening to country music. You can connect with Samantha on her website, www.samanthalind.com.

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