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#Review #Tour- House Rules by Rebecca Brooke



I stuck my dick in a different woman every night.

They lined up, pawing at me. All of them wanting to be part of the bad boy prestige that was Miller Hawes.

Then they flipped the river…

And she was mine. Sexy, compelling and the first woman who didn’t fall at my feet. Why can’t I get her out of my head?

I need to focus on taking over the family business. Except all my attention is on one thing and one thing only.




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Melinda's Review

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

I knew Miller was going to be great after Reading Ashton’s book. He was always giving his brother a hard time. I knew it was only a matter of time before the tables would be turned. Miller was about to have his life shaken up when he finally meet his match and boy was Tess definitely that.

Miller was a playboy that could have whatever woman he wanted and had a different one every night. His dad was going to turn the family business over to him someday but his dad didn’t think he was quite ready with all his shenanigans. One night at his poker tournament he won a little more than he bargained for that night because he won Theresa for the night.

Theresa was not one to roll over and take things. She was strong willed and a fighter that would put Miller in his place. Theresa had a rough life and only ever wanted to be loved and accepted but for some reason always ended up being used and taken for granite.

I absolutely loved the first time she meet Ashton and allowed him to call her Tess but never gave that option to Miller. When she meet his parents for the first time my heart went out to her and I wanted to head slap Miller. Miller did what he thought was right but it never seemed to goes as he planned or thought. *shakes head* Miller has never been in a relationship and could have taken some pointers from Ashton. Miller should have taken some cooking lessons from him too.  The breakfast scene was great.

I am enjoying this series and it looks like Dean is next. I am so ready to get to know him.

about the author

Rebecca a New Jersey native has had a passion for reading all of her life. No matter the genre, turning her dreams into stories for her readers to treasure is more than she could ask for. She lives with her family wishing every day could be spent in the summer sun.