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03-10 - Alyson Raynes


March 10

Twinsie Talk is proud to present the 3rd Annual MM March Madness – a month to focus on the M/M, F/F, M/M/F, M/F/M authors. We love these books and want to share it with the rest of the world. Each day we will post an interview. We will also include any reviews that we have done on these books as well as links to the books.

Our hope is that you will love this genre as much as we do! <3

Today is devoted to Alyson Raynes

author bio

Alyson enjoys bringing characters to life and has been writing since she was a little girl. Her first published book was in elementary school where it was put on display in the library for others to read. Alyson’s love for books is what compels her to write and create new worlds of her own for others to enjoy. A Colorado native, Alyson loves to travel. She has visited Ireland, Mexico and most of the United States. Her favorite vacation hideaway is Hawaii. She has a love for the ocean and enjoys swimming with sea turtles in the wild. Alyson is a former accountant who has traded in her abacus for a full-time writing career. She enjoys writing everything from erotica to suspense thrillers. Deception is the first book in the The Fixer Series which is both an erotic romance and suspense thriller. She has been happily married for twenty-three years to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mother of two. Her love of quilting keeps her busy in the winter months when she isn’t writing. Alyson’s favorite past time is spending time with her family, watching football and laughing together.

Tell us about something about you (not included in your normal author bio) that maybe not everyone knows about you.

Once upon a time I trained for a figure competition. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

There’s been a trend in writing a series. How do you feel about series? Do you write them? Do you think they are easier or harder?

The first book I ever wrote became part of a series. So yes, I do write them. I find them to be quite difficult to write because you have to keep all of the characters, story plot and timelines in mind at all times. I actually prefer them, because my mind tends to wander and dream up new things in between series books.

Where do you do most of your writing?

I do most of my writing at my dining room table. I have an office, but I just find that I’m not very creative in that room, unless I’m working on my New Adult story. For some reason, those characters come to life in my office.

What are you currently reading? Any suggestions for your favorite books (beside your own, of course)?

I am currently reading Beck by Harper Sloan. I’m only about a quarter way through, but so far, I’m really enjoying it. Favorite books? Oh…there are so many! The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day, anything written by Shayla Black, Kathryn Kelly has become a favorite of mine. I loved her Phoenix Rising Rock Band Series. You should check it out! It’s awesome!

Do you feel that this genre is growing? And what do you contribute to that growth or decline?

I’m not really sure. Triztan is the first book that I’ve written that is centered around M/M, F/F, F/M/F issues. I think people are curious about it, but are still afraid to explore what seems to be a taboo area. I for one enjoyed the hell writing Triztan’s story and going along on his sexual adventures.

What is the most surprising thing you have learned about writing?

How incredibly hard, time consuming and emotionally exhausting it can be.

What are you working on now?

Malicious Beauty – Psychological Thriller They say you’re only as sick as your secrets. That the past will haunt you no matter how hard you try to outrun or bury it. Whomever said that, never met me. I’m the sweet girl that lives next door, the one that babysits your children while you and your husband go out for date night. The girl that was captain of her cheer team, the one who dated the star football player, and the one you would never suspect to keep the secrets that I do buried deep in my soul. I’m a sweetheart, a bitch, a complete psychopath. Welcome to my world, where nothing is what it seems and everything is exactly as it should be. Confused yet? You should be. I will mind fuck you first and then kill you later. Enjoy the ride. Kiss of Summer- New Adult Jesse Austin has led a troubled life. Abandoned by his parents at a young age, caused him to run with the wrong crowd and find trouble with the law. Summer Jacobs just graduated from high school and is preparing for her freshman year of college. Needing a break from everyday life, she decides to visit her grandfather’s ranch in hopes of finding peace before living on her own. For Summer, it’s the trip of a lifetime, but for Jesse, it’s a painful reminder of the past. Will they come to love one another, or will they be torn apart by Jesse’s checkered past?

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?

Go out to dinner, then come home and watch mindless TV with my husband. I’m really not that exciting.

Tell us about the highest HIGH and lowest LOW in your career so far. How has it changed you?

The highest was when I was able to write consistently without any outside distractions. Meaning, I wasn’t working full-time and my mother-in-law wasn’t dying from cancer. I would say the lowest has been this past year. Depression took hold of me and I really didn’t have it in me to sit and write every day like I normally do. So it’s kind of like re-inventing yourself all over again when you decide to take time away for yourself. And everything changes. The market, social media, etc. The only thing you truly have left are those who are avid fans from the beginning that will still be by your side encouraging you to keep going. I thank God for them everyday.

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I beta read this book for the author for an honest review.
Raise your hand if you read The Fixer Series? MEEE TOO!! Who fell in love with Mr. Tall Dark Russian Hottie with a player mentality??? MEEEE TOO!! Who couldn’t WAIT to read this book and kept yelling at Alyson to “get it out already??” MEEE TOOO!!!! Hrm, I am guessing we are best friend then?? LOL

I met and fell in total love with Tristan in Dylan’s books. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Dylan BUT something about the mysterious Russian got me raising an eye brow. Now you don’t necessarily need to READ Dylan’s books but it might help you understand stuff a bit better if you do. Ok so in this book we get Tristan’s back story with his High School hottie Anya….UHM WOWZERS can you believe what his 18th birthday pressie was??? Oh you don’t know *Snickers* you better read it then!! Anya wants more but come one…Tristan is into playing the field. He ends up causing her a lot of tears and heartache but the big shocker comes when he goes home to visit…..WOW…BOMB + Dropped = WTF moment!!
Tristan does seem to grow up a bit but when he meets Steph aka Sparkles EVERYTHING changes for him and for the better. He finally realizes true love which scared the CRAP outta him. I mean the man is a dedicated and proud Man-Whore soooo the thought of getting married…YIKES!!! I love that Steph is so strong but can be so vulnerable with Tristan. They have a hawt chemistry!! Tristan’s makes sure that Steph gets ALLLLLL of her dreams to come true!! *fans self*
The end of the book I voice messaged Alyson and may have screamed a lot of not nice things. I may have even threatened her bodily harm ANNND I may have told her we are no longer Besties!! LOL Are you interested in WHY??? Well then I think you need to buy the dang book already!!!


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A big THANK YOU to all of the authors participating in our month long celebration!! We appreciate all that you do!!! MUAH!!

Much Love from the Twinsies!!! Angie, Brenda, Deb, Kelly, Kristi, Jen, Jo, and Melinda!!!



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