#REVIEW – Until I’m Found by M. Lynne Cunning


Amy just wanted to escape Ethan’s abusive ways. She never expected to find the place where she felt like she belonged, and she surely never thought she’d find a second chance at love…

When Amy Teake attempts to get as far away from her abusive boyfriend as her stash of money will take her, she ends up in Park’s Peak, eventually becoming entangled in a complicated emotional triangle with her boss’s brother and an obnoxious local police officer.

She knows Ethan will find her eventually, she just never expects to involve either Cole or Jeremy in her fight for freedom.

As Amy’s attraction to Cole deepens, and the lines between friendship and love with Jeremy become blurred, she finds herself divided between her fear of Ethan and her fear of hurting the two men who helped her remember how to live again.

Will Amy outrun her fears and find the happy ending she so desperately desires?

Perhaps, happy endings aren’t always as we expect them to be…

Twinsie Jo’s Review:

I have come to know M. Lynne Cunning through my designing services and was very happy to start this book. I don’t know why I didn’t start it earlier but better late than never right? This is my first story by this author and it definitely won’t be my last. I’ve added all of her books to my TBR list and I can’t wait to devour every single one.

Amy wants to escape her ex. And we all know I love a crazy ex. Ethan is the epitome of crazy. Dark. Possessive. He’s a, no one else can have her, type of guy. M. Lynne Cunning does a fantastic job portraying the psycho ex-boyfriend. I loved Amy. She was strong even though she thought she was weak. Yes, she was fearful but having dealt with an abusive man for several years, she has every right to be.

She ends up moving to small town and meets two wonderful guys. One is cocky, hilarious and says everything that is on his mind. The other is quiet, recluse but is intense as well.  I loved these two guys. They both helped bring out something in Amy that she needed.

This story is about Amy finding herself. This book also has mention of abuse so if that’s a trigger for you, please read with caution.

I also loved the fade to black sex scenes. I’m usually a sexy smutty read type of girl but this book was refreshing and needed.

All in all, this book was emotional, deep and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a powerful heroine.

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