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Teresa Gabelman

Authors: A.C. Bextor, Teresa Gabelman, S.R. Grey & Nina Levine
Book Title: Incompatibly Yours: A Fertility Research Charity Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date:  April 23rd
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Hot Tree Publishing has teamed up with four amazing New York Times, USA Today & Amazon best-selling authors to bring to you four incredible romance stories.
The talented authors have produced new stories especially for our fertility research charity anthology, Incompatibly Yours.
100 % of the profits from the sales of this stunning anthology will be donated to fertility research and support charities and organizations. 

For years, Ryleigh has ignored her heart’s desire and its ache for the man she’s always wanted. Since coming home after years of being away, she discovers her love for him hasn’t changed. The only problem is she’s no longer the girl she once was.
Committing her life to teaching the blind, Julie Daniels doesn’t expect cowboy Clay Marshall to turn to her for help. As their worlds collide, Clay and Julie discover they have to rely on blind faith to find their own slice of happiness.


Shy girl Brooks Happ wants nothing more than for her first kiss to come from someone who’s her complete opposite, Confident Sebastian Kain fits the bill. Problem is, the world won’t cooperate. Time and time again, Brooks’s first kiss is interrupted. A cute, funny romantic comedy sure to make you laugh.


Juliette Taylor never saw Tanner Brady coming and as much as she swears he’s all kinds of wrong for her and that she wants nothing to do with him, he’s out to show her otherwise. Never in a million years did she think a laid-back tattoo artist could be the man for her, but he’s determined to show her that she’s his kind of crazy.
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I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.
I took this book because I love Teresa Gabelman and all of her stories. So of course it was a no brainer for me to read this novella. Then when I looked at the other stories I noticed an author that is attending a signing I am going to would be there as well…double score
Each of these stories are a fun look at the authors and their writing style. I loved Teresa’s story about the Blind Man whose older brother hooks him up with a teacher. It was super funny which is you know her stuff you know writes humor so very well. The teacher and old brother have an instant chemistry and the couple are trying to figure out what the heck is happening between them.
AC Bextor’s story was really angsty so I couldn’t put it down!! The girl who loves the bad boy but agrees to marry the “good boy” brother….oh man, did I wanna throat punch her liker her best friend, Kate and even mom wanted to do to her!! LOL
SR Grey’s book was kinda funny. The girl and her camp roommate’s brother are attracted to each other. They have many “close calls” that stop them from kissing. I laughed at the time the boy dropped acorns on their heads from a tree….LOL I mean it was super funny and I enjoyed reading this story as well. I liked the YA vibe of the book.
Nina Levine’s book has my tattooed hottie heart a pumping. When the girl is attracted to a man whom she assumes is her bosses boyfriend. She is flipping out but when she finds out its her brother…oy vey!!! I laughed at her lack of ability to rock her hot heels as did he. The banter and chemistry of the two were a good giggle to keep me reading for sure!!
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