#Review #Paranormal – Midnight Moonrising by K.S. Haigwood & Anne Conley


Midnight Moonrising

Mena’s life is complicated. She’s just murdered and buried her husband, the local wolf pack’s alpha – problem number one. Phoenix, the High Vampire, is the one her heart beats for, but not the one her wolf wants – problem number two. Her wolf pines for Alex, the human homicide detective who might just send her down for murder – three. Four, wolves and vampires don’t mix. Five, she has no clue how to be alpha, keep her pack safe while fighting off challengers with every step she takes, or what it would take to tame her wolf, which is the biggest problem of them all. Because the beast might just forfeit Mena’s life when its insatiable thirst for blood is unleashed on the world in just a few short days, with the next full moon.

Which should be doable. Except for the Nexus… and the little extra problem of bonding with a stranger.




I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Hello Happiness to my heart……I love a good paranormal and this totally fit the bill!!

Ok so I did read the prequal so I kinda knew what the heck was going on when I started this book.  However I was like WHAT!!!!!!! When I was reading!!  The prequal is a little TEASE into the awesome of this book.  Don’t get me wrong a good throat punch and kindle throwing was called for but I do love those kinda stories.  I think I like them because the author is getting me to FEEL what the character are feeling and in turn the author prolly felt for that character!!

Mena is not a happy woman to find her hubby, Marc is a cheating DB.  She runs into hottie Jaxson and is alllll ready to go home with him when…all hell breaks loose.  Ya see Jaxson is a vampire annnnd old DB Marc…..well he is the Alpha to the pack Wolves.  SAY WHAT?  Yeah Mena is all kindsa of confused because how can she not know right???

When Mena and Marc “have a bit of an argument”, he bites her and forever changes her world and life.  Well Mena does some stuff and also changes the order of the Wolf Pack.  Jaxson rushed Mena to his vampire coven when another first happens….Mena falls for the main vampire.  WHAT!!  Uhm do they not realize that Wolves and Vampires are bitter enemies??  Well I mean you can’t help what the heart want right???

The book was amazing and I flipping loved it.  I mean it hit all my buttons…..sassy heroine, hottie alphas, and awesome naughty times so yeah I was in bookie loving heaven!!

“Far from crazy, but equally as far from normal. There are voices in my head and I occasionally talk to them.” – Kristie Haigwood

K. S. Haigwood is the author of the Save My Soul, Eternal Island and Moonrising series. By day, she is a CNC Machinist, but by night and weekend, she saves the world or destroys it in a single bound, depending on what mood she is in and if she has had her coffee. In addition to being an award winner for the ‘Life Changing Read Award’, she has also been nominated twice for Best Indie Book 2016 in the Paranormal category.

Characterization is one of K.S. Haigwood’s strongest points. You can understand each characters’ predicaments and you can almost foresee their reactions. But. There’s always a but, with this author, because Haigwood can deliver enough twists and turns to turn a tornado on its head. Just as you think you’ve figured where the story is going next, she’s duped you again.

The whole of her novels are littered with good chuckle moments, and even in the darkest hour, the thinnest hint of a silver lining is still visible among the clouds.

Shock therapy for body and soul, delivered at a hundred miles an hour with the humor and charisma of a trendsetter, Haigwood is certain to be hailed the new wonder-drug to cure all ills.



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