#WOTR18 #Review #Military – Warranted Pleasures (A Warranted Series Book 1) by Shannon R. Nemechek


Warranted Pleasures (A Warranted Series Book 1)  

It’s against Army regulations—I know that. But whenever I look into his eyes, I lose my ability to think straight.

He’s a Chief Warrant Officer, and I’m a mere Non-Commissioned Officer. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about him every night, dreaming about how my body would react to his touch.

But I won’t allow myself to be another notch on his bedpost. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep our relationship professional—especially since we are teamed up to investigate a terrorist organization.

There’s no margin for error. I can’t allow my midnight fantasies to jeopardize my day job, to discredit my reputation.

But there’s one major problem. Raleigh Fitzgerald is known to get what he wants, and right now…that’s me.



I  received this book for an honest review.

I grabbed this book for a couple of reasons. One was the author was attending a book event I was going to be attending. The other was that it was a military book ad I tend to enjoy reading them. I will say this book did throw a lot of military jargon at me so at times I was reading and figuring out what the heck was said through conversation. So be ready when reading to wonder briefly what is happening LOL.

OK Samantha and Raleigh are two military personnel thrown together to try and figure out where some lost supplies are. Simple enough, right? WELL not so simple when she is off limits to him and him to her. They two are fighting their attraction all log because it’s not allowed.

The two are searching for lost supplies that we learn are actually guns…no Bueno right!! The couple are spending a lot of time together and are really fighting the attraction to one another. When Raleigh discovers a close friend is involved, well things get kinda crazy. The mystery takes them all over and then they end up in a very romantic place. Can they fight this for much longer?????

I enjoyed the book but at times felt like there was a little too much description happening…like there was too much “explaining” things to me. I did enjoy the book and look forward to reading another by the author in the future.

Shannon started her writing career while still serving in the US Army. As an NCO in the Army she lead and trained soldiers. As a company Supply Sergeant in the Army she was responsible for millions of dollars worth of Army equipment.

Warranted Pleasures is the first book of a series of 3 that will focus on Military Romance. Shannon grew up in Macomb, IL where she graduated from High School in 1987 and soon after joined the US Army. Shannon served from 1987 to 2015 during Operation Desert Storm and during Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shannon Served on Active Duty and Active Guard Reserve Program for the US Army Reserves, also in the Iowa and Illinois National Guard as well as in the US Army Reserves. She also worked as a US Army Recruiter for 4 years.

Shannon studied Psychology and Law Enforcement at Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL for 6 years and worked for the US Department of Defense as a civilian GS worker for 6 years with ROTC at Eastern Illinois University.

In April 2015 Shannon retired from the US Army with 23 years of service as a Unit Supply Sergeant in several Army units. She is a mother of 4 children and a grandma to 1. She has been married 22 years to her husband Ken. They reside in Staunton, IL a small town along Old Route 66.


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