#Review #DieselPunk #Shifters – The Mechanic’s Mate (The Diesel War #1) by Mikea Howard @mikeahowardwrit

The Mechanic's Mate (The Diesel War #1)

Abused and on the run, Sadie flees through the woods. For the first time in her life, she craves the blissful silence of nature. Her sire and mate is a monster who hid his inner evil all too well. Her skills as a mechanic now useless, intolerant to the noise and pollution of the city’s diesel engines thanks to her new werewolf status, Sadie’s only hope is the ex-pack of the monster she escaped. But will they accept the dieselhead mate of a rogue?

Domek, the Blue Wolf alpha, has caught the scent of the rogue he’s sworn to hunt down. But he’s shocked to find it attached to a frail, damaged city girl, the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. The desire to take care of her is fierce . . . unexplainable.

How can he protect a woman who has tied the fate of her mortality to the life of a rogue he must destroy?



I purchased this book at a book signing.

SO when I saw the ladies I thought OH COOL….so I ran over to check out what I ignorantly thought would be historical.  I love historical so yeah their awesome costumes made me run over.  Then I get there and am all “ uhm what is DieselPunk?” and then while asking I am reading the back of the book and see the keyword “Shifter” and I said sold!  Yup that is how I roll!!  Plus their covers are totally awesome!!

I can’t even begin to tell you what I loved because there were so many aspects to the story and genre that I loved.  I love shifters and so this added DeiselPunk science was kinda cool.  Then throw in a dominant hottie Alpha who is all into the kinks…yes please #HEAVEN!!

Another thing I loved was the whole Mated to the wrong guy…our poor girl Sadie thinks she has found THE ONE and accepts him as her mate only to realize nope she got tricked.  As she is running from her “mate” she stumbles into our hottie alpha, Domek.  He is consumed with the little wolf but can’t understand why?  She is mated to another and it’s his bitter enemy at that!!

Domek’s storyline is great.  He is really trying to do the right thing but he can’t get his head around the fact he feels Sadie is his.  Sadie is so drawn to Domek but thinks he is only helping her because he accepted her into his pack for safety.  The couple have a few obstacles to overcome…..like her original mate, her non-english/Diesel speak and the fact that she challenges him while submitting to him as well.  Her and Kara has great sense together!! #GirlPower

I LOOOOVED the story and how we find out what to do to fix Sadie’s trouble but I also loved the build-up for the next book…so excited for Molly and Edo!!  I can’t wait to jump in and see what kind of shenanigans we will be reading about in the next book!

Writing under Mikea Howard, we are actually Mindy Howard and Kelly Smith, sisters-in-law who share a love for romance, usually paranormal. We have spent the last several years reading and sharing books as well as authors, often making comments about how we’d love to write our own when we ran out of things to read.
While based on our TBR piles, we have not run out of reading material, yet we decided to write when the muse hit Kelly with a dystopian diesel world and an opening scene with the heroine running out into the woods. Mindy then saw her hero step in, and The Diesel War series was born.


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