#Review – Breathless Night (Breathless #1) by K. Aybara

Breathless Night (Breathless #1)

Luke Roberts was a typical wild and crazy guy, getting to know each of the girls at his local bar intimately. Taking a different one home with him each night of the week, and sometimes even fighting over them, had always been his way. When he started spending too much time with his best friend’s girl, the cost became too high.

Joining the army helped him get his head straight, until Cailyn Donnelly—a pure innocent virgin—came into his life. After nearly dousing him with pepper spray when he helped her with a flat tire, she found herself falling for his kind actions and charm. The animal inside of him wanted to ravish her, while the loving and caring husband wanted to be gentle and not overwhelm her.

Walking the fine line of boring mundane sex and hot passionate kinkery, Luke and Cailyn are fighting internal battles to discover a way to let the other know they are wanting more.

Will they spice things up just enough? Or will it get too hot for one of them to handle?



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

This is a debut book from an author I have gotten to know for the course of a couple years.  I got the book and had to put it on the back burner because …LIFE but after sitting down and reading it I liked the quick read.

Caitlyn could be any of my friends.  Screwed because she had a flat and needs help changing it.  Leery of the dude who helps her out, as any rational woman would be, she is not to impressed by him one bit.  Caitlyn is not even remotely interested in Luke but that seems to make him even more interested in her.  Virgin + not gonna happen = Luke needs more Caitlyn time!!

When he is invited over for dinner, Caitlyn sees Luke a little differently and the couple begin to have a lot of hot and steamy sex.  They stop and then start with the sex again…LOL…get my drift?  There is a lot of sex in the story and it fits perfectly in the Erotica genre.

I will say I wish there was a bit more to the story BUT its erotica.  I was a bit confused initially with the story but if you stick with it and enjoy the sexy time the story comes *snickers* full circle and you will enjoy the story of the couple.

K. Aybara resides in Louisville, KY with an amazing wife and two sons. When not being pulled in every direction possible with the normal tasks of life, he enjoys working in the woodshop as well as breeding and raising tropical fish. He didn’t find his love for reading until meeting his wife, however now it is rare to find him without a book in hand. While he had no intention to start writing until a friend challenged him to do so, he quickly found that he was hooked and couldn’t wait to get his first book done and start on the second.

Admitting that there is a time an e-reader comes in handy, he still prefers to hold the real thing when reading. While in the past he only read fantasy and dystopian for the most part, after getting to know several indie authors at a local signing he attended with his wife, he is now open to giving all genres a shot.


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