#NewRlease #Paranormal #RH #Review – Flesh and Delirium: Under the Skin Serial Part Six by K.B. Ladnier

Flesh and Delirium: Under the Skin Serial Part Six

***This is Part Six in the Under the Skin serials with a 19,000+ word count, and is a ménage. Recommended for ages 18+***

Claudia Adams is absolutely losing it.

The memories of her erased past are hitting her fast and hard, leaving her disoriented and bloody after each one surfaces. If that wasn’t enough, secrets are being brought to life that she may not be ready to face.

Juggling messed up memories, Lucy’s upcoming wedding, and two men Claudia can’t seem to say no to, would be enough to make anyone break.

But will she, is the question on everyone’s mind.

With everything in Claudia’s world heating up, she has to be careful. Otherwise, she may just get burned…


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

GAH I am sooo loving this series.  Since book 1 I have been HOOKED on Lucy and now Claudia’s love life.  Claudia is put through the ringer this book.  Her memories are coming back full force and she is dealing with what happened to her when she first met Brahm.

Brahm and Diego are both hurting for the girl they love, and they are both trying to help her figure it out while trying to figure out their current situation.  Diego respects the markers bond, but he wants Claudia too.  Brahm loves Claudia and will move heaven and Earth to give her what takes her happy even if it means sharing her with Deigo.

We also finally get to see Hollis, Sloan, Vex and Lucy tie the know.  Super happy and exciting for the 4some because they overcame A LOT to get to the happy place they are now.  But hrmmmm Bishop and Sawyer???  Maybe?  Possibly???  Interesting!!!

K.B. Ladnier is from a small city in Southern Mississippi. She has one daughter and three cats who she claims are stealing her soul in only tiny doses so she won’t notice. She is a cyborg and spends most of her time hiding from her tiny human so she doesn’t have to share her snacks as she reads her favorite books. She hates the beach yet lives only ten minutes away from it and daydreams of mountains and snow. She is married to a hot nerd and loves him dearly even though he hordes cookies and occasionally hides her prosthetic leg from her when she’s mad, so he can get a quick escape. She plans to write as long as people continue loving what she does, otherwise she’s going to say screw it and do her second dream of owning a coffee shop. Though, she may still do both.


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