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Richard Sisk has never been much of a risk taker. At 18 he gave up his dreams for the future to do the right thing and marry his pregnant high school love.
Over the years things change, and he receives a divorce as a birthday present.

Jill Caldwell has spent the last eight years caring for her younger brother being both sister and parent. Now that he is settled well into college, she finally has the gift of freedom.
Years ago, their lives crossed paths and now eight years later, will Richard be able to take a risk for a new love?’
Jill knows that together she and Richard can build a life of everything they ever wanted, that is if he can get over being her silver fox.

I received this book from the authors for an honest review.

SO yeah, the cover made me say YES PLEASE when I was offered a copy of this book.  Then of course who doesn’t like to read the occasional old man/younger woman story???  But mainly the cover is what drew me in.  #CoverWhore

I liked the story of the rich older man finding love with a younger woman after a disastrous first marriage.  Yes, it may seem taboo he is 40 and she is 26 but people they are adults.   I liked the story a lot, but the ending needed a bit more IMO. It seemed like all of a sudden, the author was just DONE and wrapped it up super-fast.

So Richard is a man who is not looking for love.  He is divorcing his wife/high school girlfriend after years of not making this marriage work.  Jillian has lost her parents at a very young age and so she took on the job of raising her brother.  SO Jillian maybe 26 but feels 40 as well.  She has done her best with her brother and now is looking for a life of her own.

When Jill saves Richard from a chick at a bar they both are interested in the other and soon the relationship begins.  They build a friendship and then finally start dating which in turns to love.  The story is sweet, and I enjoyed but I wish there had been a better flow at the end.  This was my first book by this author, but I would read another again for sure.





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Misha Elliott is an old movie watching, wine drinking, rod-wheedling, book-lover. Once a northerner she now calls the Lone Star state her home. When she isn’t writing, you will find her talking about books with friends or one the water with a fishing pole in hand.


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