#NewRelease #Review #BadGirls The Huntress (A Bad Girl Novel) by Theresa Hissong

The Huntress

My life was changed at the age of seventeen. A man took my innocence and turned me into a killer. I spend my days hunting for men just like him. I am paid by the families of the victims to deal out the justice a court of law is too afraid to do.

My hunt for a vicious man leads me right into the heart of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The club he works for is notorious for its illegal activities. The night I search for him, I am captured by a man even deadlier than my mark.

Jackson Pace owns Club Phoenix, and his employee will be mine once he is found. The owner holds me hostage until he can convince me my task is too deadly without his help. Our time together sets my body and heart in a spiral. His need for me matches his strength. Jackson proves himself when he brings the wrath of hell upon those who have harmed me. He will soon realize I am as deadly as he is, and I will stop at nothing to punish the man I have been hired to kill.

This is who I am…This is what I do.

I am a huntress.

The Bad Girl series is a 2018/2019 collaboration between 13 authors releasing one book a month about kiss-ass women with a penchant for being bad. This is April’s book: The Huntress by Theresa Hissong.

Morgan Rayne is known to those that have need of her as The Huntress. She gives families of abused women the vengeance and closure that they need. Yes, she gets paid but she doesn’t do it for the money, that she donates to women’s shelters every year, she does it so because no woman should be abused, because she is the only one that can make the abusers pay, and because these women that have been abused are in a since her.
Jackson Pace is the owner of the hottest club in New Orleans and is a strong player in the New Orleans underground. He has heard of the huntress but has never had the pleasure or misfortune of meeting her.
Her next case leads her to Jackson’s club, they both are looking for the same man. However Jackson wants her to let him deal with him, but she is in no way about to let that happen.
OMG!! So, Morgan is totally a woman who did not let her past weaken her. Yes, she has some issues from it but she is a strong a** woman and a strong woman needs a strong man. Jackson is a man that hates when a woman is hurt, hates that the woman that her is becoming attracted to is trying to catch a dangerous man, however he also knows how strong she is. I love that rather than try to stop her, Jackson and his men are there when she needs help and he is there when she needs someone to help her see that she doesn’t have stand alone. After all, a Alpha female needs a Alpha male by her side, a partner not someone who tries to lead her.

The women in this series are total awesome and I for one can’t wait until May’s Bad Girl!!!!!



Theresa is a mother of two and the wife of a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. After seventeen years traveling the country, moving from base to base, the family has settled their roots back in Theresa’s home town of Olive Branch, MS., where she enjoys her time with old friends and family.

After almost three years of managing a retail bookstore, Theresa has gone behind the scenes to write romantic stories with flare. Theresa daydreams of the perfect love affair and takes those ideas to paper.


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