#review – The Space Between by Jordyn Meryl

The Space Between

When the human spirit is so bruised it rages against the laws of nature, the Universe steps up and issues Justice. The beautiful Katrina guided by the three Goddesses, Mariah, Tess and Jo find righteousness is possible with the right gifts and a pure heart. But Karina did not expect Mitch, a human with a good soul and integrity. Awaking a missed chance at love, she weights the purpose of her mission. The quest to seek revenge against the evil Tomas pits her in the peril of good versus bad.
A quest to seek revenge leads to a chance at love.


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I have seen Jordyn at many book signings and this was the first time I got to have a long chat with her.  She is as sweet as can be.  When she offered me a copy of any one of her books I was drawn to this one because it has a paranormal/fantasy feel to it.  The blurb talking about Goddesses has me sold!!

The book starts out with Katrina being killed by her not so great love, Thomas.  Needless to say, as she is dying she is mad as all get out.  Her anger draws the attention of three goddesses who promised her revenge on Thomas.  Now because she is so mad she doesn’t really get what she is promising them in return of getting back at Thomas.

The goddesses return her to seek her revenge when she meets and falls head over heels in love with Mitch.  Mitch is a pretty nice guy who is a bit on the passive side in comparison to Thomas.

Their relationship helps to mold Mitch in to a different man when the story is over.

I liked the story but found the conversations to be a bit stiff and awkward.  It was a bit to formal at times when the lovers were talking to each other.    Another issue I had was the use of some of the descriptive words.  I felt like there was a thesaurus right by the author and she would grab large descriptive words to try and enhance the story.

This was my first book by this author.  I really enjoyed the premise of the goddesses ad the revenge idea.   I am so glad I finally was able to read something of hers after all these years of seeing her and knowing her!!

Once living under the guise of a passive, quiet, school librarian, books and kids were the passions which kept Jordyn’s mind fresh. But now it is when the night muses visit, her spirit rises up to wrap around the stories that float in her head. Land locked in the mid-west she dreams of days on a white sandy beach with a laptop to write all her tales. Crossing many genres she spins chronicles of romance, paranormal and fantasy, for they are stories worth telling, even at the risk of revealing true feelings.

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Thank you all for reading my books. Being a writer has been a dream since I was in high school. Today, the dream is a goal, soon to be my unlimited achievement.


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