#NewRelease #Review #NewSeries #Shifter #SpinOff Mating Season (Morgan Clan Bears Book 1) by Theresa Hissong

Drake Morgan has kept his family secret from the humans for eternity, having no desire to put their existence out into the open like the other shifterkind. He lives a solitary life with his two brothers hidden on his farm deep in the backwoods of Northern Mississippi.

Every spring, their bears call to prepare their home for the arrival of a mating season. The search for their mates begins, and Drake has to rethink his disgust of humans when one of their females show up on his land, scenting of his destined mate. Morgan’s bear demands he keep her for himself, but he knows she will never accept his true nature.

Tessa Ward moved to this little town to hide from her abusive ex, taking two jobs to pay rent and put food on the table. Her position at the local parts store sends her into the heart of the country to make one simple delivery to the local farmer, Drake Morgan. Upon arrival, she is thrown into the world of the paranormal after one touch from the bear shifter and she finds out his true nature.

Mating season has arrived, and Drake is prepared to fight for the woman who is fated to be his bride. When his mate’s ex comes lurking around his sacred property, Drake will stop at nothing until his female is safe, even if it means killing a human…not that he cares for them anyway.

If you have read Theresa Hissong’s series Talon Pack you have met Drake Morgan.  He is a grouchy bear shifter that sticks to his land, loves his brothers which are his Clan, and hates humans.

Tessa Ward is new to the area, on the run from her abusive ex husband and not in anyway looking for a man, which is good since what she finds is a shifter. LOL

I do love a broody, bearded man and that is exactly what Drake is.  Yes his bear is after him to find a mate, however he does not agree that it has to be this little human.  Humans are bad and nothing you can say will change his mind.

Lol, the bigger and broodier they are the harder they fall.  Drake’s bear knows what he wants and he wants the lovely Tessa.

Tessa has been through some crap man, you would think that a man like Drake would scare her but instead there is something that calls her to him.  Even though Tessa has had it rough doesn’t mean she is a push over though, she stand up for herself when she needs too.  

Drake are her really are meant to be,that Drake is a dominant in the bedroom  and found Tessa to be submissive is HOT!  I love how everyone sees how Tessa has a calming affect on the grouchy bear that he doesn’t.  However, when Tessa is threatened he is no where near calm!!!  She is also calmed by him.  Soul Mates!!!!

The way the bears are with their women is awesome and I can’t wait to see Drakes brothers find their mates.



Theresa Hissong is the bestselling author of the Rise of the Pride series. She writes paranormal romance, rockstar romance, and romantic suspense.

She enjoys spending her days and nights creating the perfect love affair, and she takes those ideas to paper. When she’s not writing, Theresa spends her free time traveling and attending concerts


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