#WOTR19 #AuthorSpotlights – Aly Grady

Aly Grady

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Aly Grady – Indiana living but New Englander at heart.

Where is your favorite place to write and what food must be present?

Favorite place to write is on the couch – most productive place is a different story. I have to have something to drink when I write.

What are you favorite things about attending signings?

I love meeting the other writers. After all – every writer is a reader too.

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

Because of attending a national event for writers, I’ve had the privilege to meet many of my all time favorite writers. I’d probably have to say the one writer I’d fall over myself with a fan girl moment would be Bella Andre. I’ve read a lot of her books and love her style.

What author would you love to write with?

]Because mystery is out of my element – I’d love to collaborate with TC Winters on a cozy mystery that I’ve started but can’t wrap my brain around the twist and turns needed to do the story justice. I love how her minds works a story out.

What is your favorite memory so far as an author?

Seeing “Racer’s Widow” printed for the first time brought me to tears.

What are your social links?

FB – www.facebook.com/AlyGrady2012

Twitter –www.twitter.com/AlyGrady

Instagram www.instagram.com/AlyGrady

What are your buy links?

my website has links to all the available retailers – http://bit.ly/2B2grVh

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