#Review #RH #SeriesStarter – Virgo Rising: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel (The Afflicted Zodiac) by M.J. Marstens

Virgo Rising: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel (The Afflicted Zodiac)

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           Hi, I’m Zahra Delsol. . . the white Zahra Delsol and I want to tell you about my interview from hell.

And a potential vampire.

And the dream sex.

And the never-ending embarrassment.

Oh, and the obscenely, inappropriate office moments.

There are some silver linings. . .  like a free mini-vacay in Tucson (with some demons).

I’m just a girl trying to make it in the world of internet astrology. . . Actually, I am just a girl trying to pay off her student debt and looking to live life to its fullest (which mostly entails reading in my free time and googling researching information).

So, I would love for you to join me in my Trust Tree of Truth, where I am unfailingly honest and you are abidingly nonjudgmental. Do I need to sell this more or did I have you at ‘dream sex’?

Virgo Rising is book one in The Afflicted Zodiac Series.

The eight planetary gods of astrology all suffer from an afflicted moon caused by the very woman who betrayed them. Imprecated to be ruled by their darker natures, they must find a way to break the curse before it is too late.

WARNING: This novel is intended for readers 18+. There is explicit language, sexual scenes with multiple partners, dominant/submissive themes, and threats made by men who think they are gods. . . I hope you enjoy! Also, please note this is BOOK ONE of a series, and there will be some unanswered questions and events at the end of the book. Thank you and enjoy!


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I am not sure how to rate this book. It was very different from anything I have ever read.  The whole concept of the story was very new and intriguing for sure but…..yeah…..there were times when I felt bored with the story because it was too descriptive and then other times I was snickering because it was super funny with the character banter…….

I was really torn on this rating and decided to split the difference between the 3 or 4 star with a 3.5 rating.

The story is interesting as Zahra is actually a BEEOTCH names Lina who has been reincarnated.  Lina must have messed up during her reincarnation because instead of the fierce horrible person she normally is, Zahra is a sweet, innocent woman totally confused by what the heck is happening to her.

Zahra is “hired” by the some “men” (AKA the Celestial Duality of the Milky Way and if they are not aligned then the apocalypse will happen) to read their astrology charts.  They don’t all believe her innocent act but need her to fix what she has done to the men in a past life to stop the above-mentioned apocalypse from happening.

The relationship between her and the guys is hot and cold as they all wont to either love her or strange her…LOL The bonds between the men are funny too.  Some seem to be willing to forgive and bed the new Lina AKA Zahra while others are holding those grudges a bit to tight.

Again, I will say if you give this book a try give, it a bit to settle into the story.  It took me a bit to settle in and enjoy the ride.

Bestselling author M.J. Marstens mixes romance, suspense, comedy, and sassy characters who can say whatever they are thinking because it is just a story. When she is not creating steamy scenes or laugh-out-loud fiascos, she is refereeing her three children that she homeschools. In her free time, she loves to eat, sleep, and pray that her children do not turn out like the characters she writes about in her books

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