#WOTR19 #Review – Last Chance (Chances #1) by Kyleigh Castronaro

Last Chance (Chances Novel Book 1)

At twenty-three, Shep is a single, self-proclaimed playboy. Yet from the first moment he saw Honey, he knew he would do whatever it took to have her. And Shep never loses when he sets out to win.

Honey was eighteen and happy with her simple life. She never thought she wanted anything more than that. Until she met Shep, the fast-talking, card-dealing city boy who invades her small town for the summer.

Young love is tricky. No matter how hard and fast you fall, sometimes that’s just not enough. The end of summer comes all too fast, Honey and Shep soon learn that maybe the heat they felt was just the summer sun.

At fifty-three, Shep’s widowed and has two kids now. He’s never loved again like he did that summer. Then, a familiar smile on a website leaves Shep wondering: how many chances do you get at true love?


I received this book from the author.

Wowzers!!  This book is something different to read.  The story is told in a flashback style of past events while the main character is retelling parts in the present.

Shep and Honey…Hot Mess Express!!  These two combust into a passionate love affair and when things were good…..things were good…but when the shoe dropped, then things were soooo bad.  These two met when they were both relatively young.  Shep had just left the army and this love was his first real relationship.  Honey was a young girl of 18 and Shep overwhelmed her in the best and worst of ways.

These two needed some serious Dr. Phil time.  Communication is a huge issue causing so many fights and problem.  When Honey calls it off, it sets off a new path for both who long for the other but are happy with where they are and what they have accomplished.

When fate brings them together some years later in life, they both embrace the chance to be together while forgiving the sins of the past.  I enjoyed the fact Shep owned up to his actions and reactions, but that Honey also accepts responsibility in the complete melt down of the relationship.  Seems with age these two just might be getting it right the 2nd time around.

Kyleigh Castronaro is a Canadian who grew up dreaming about vampires, witches and faeries. She has always sought and cultivated the magic inside of her, using her words to bring magic to the pages for her readers. Happily married to the love of her life, she believes in happily ever afters and hopes to convince readers of them too.

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