#NewRelease #BDSM #Saga – Secrets of the Heart (Brie’s Submission Book 20) by Red Phoenix

Secrets of the Heart (Brie's Submission Book 20) by [Phoenix, Red]

Join Brie on a whirlwind trip as she spends New Year’s Eve enjoying a passionate getaway at the Isle before she jets off to Italy with Sir to visit his grandparents.
Brie is determined to get her second film released soon, but there is a battle brewing she knows nothing about.
And waiting in the wings is a demon of her own she must confront.
In the midst of the fight, Brie finds her strength in a special secret—one she holds close to her heart.



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I loved catching up with my favorite people.

The book starts right off with a hot BANG!!  Rystar, Thane and Brie are going away for a few days to spend time on their private island for a weekend of sexy fun!!

Right off the bat, I admit I was curious about the question Thane asks Rytsar while the three were on vacation at the beginning of the book.  I mean….I thought Rystar would jump at the chance so I am wondering what is in store for him??

The rest of the book has a lot going on.  I enjoyed seeing Tono and hearing about the developing bond between Autumn and him.  They are the perfect blend together.  I was so happy for Lea and her new hottie Hunter.  She so needs someone after Liam and all he did to her.  Master Anderson and Shay are adorable too.

The storyline of Brie’s documentary and how it plays into Mary’s story line made me sick to my stomach.  That girl cannot catch a break.  I mean we have a love hate relationship her and I.  But this plot twist I did not see happening at all…..

The story line about Lilly made me nervous because we don’t’ need her causing more trouble for our family.

The end of the story was a great cliffhanger because I wanna know who is making moves and who is going to be the secret benefactor to help get things done!!!

Received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

This story jumps right in with a bunch of hotness and travels. Sir, Brie and Rytsar are jetting away to their private island. I love the connection that Brie, Sir and Rytsar have but my heart still hurts for Rytsar. After Brie has been spoiled by these too it is off to Italy. There are a few tears and joyous moments while seeing Nonno, Nonna and the rest of the family. My heart ached for Nonna and Nonno. However, Brie receives and amazing and unexpected gift from a friend of Sirs father. Cannot give too much away but what an amazing thing.

Brie has grown so much as a woman through these books. She has really come into her own. She has learned to stand her ground, believe in herself and not let people walk all over her. She will have to put up a fight for her documentary.

I enjoy when we get to see the rest of the gang. Amazing to see Autumn and Tono and how much she is blossoming. I’m happy for Lea she has had ups and downs but maybe Hunter is different. My heart breaks for Mary she has had a hard life and it needs to get better for her. I am ready for more I need to find out if all is going to work out because with the plot twist at the end left me in turmoil.

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