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Together Again (Reunion Series Book 1)

Chloe left her high school years behind. That is, until it was time to start planning her reunion and dredging up her past.

Gavin’s work as a high school counselor exercises demons from his own poor upbringing. One bright spot from his own youth was the people he met along the way. If only she knew.

Plans are made with the help of the reunion committee. Gavin helps Chloe see that her personal history doesn’t define her, but instead shaped her.

Together, they look forward to the future – Again.


I received this book for free from the author for an honest review.

I love reading Aly’s books so when she asked if I would read this story about 3 best friends from high school who still are besties 1o years later, I jumped.  She said this wasn’t as much a romance story as a woman’s fiction because it’s the bond of the three ladies : Chloe, Suz, and Tara.

This story starts out with the ladies waiting on Chloe to meet up to start planning their reunion party.  When Chloe bumps into a nice-looking guy who says he wants to help out.  She has ZERO clue who he is and once she discovered it, she runs for the hills.

The story begins to unfold, and Gavin is the most likeable guy in the world.  I mean Tara and Suz love him but see his eyes are only on Chloe. We wonder what the heck is wrong with her and why does she freeze up around him????  As the story progresses and we see Chloe fighting this attraction to Gavin and then WHAMO it is thrown out there and we are stunned!! LEGIT STUNNED!!!  I mean what!!??  T hen when Gavin tells us more about his part in the twist, I loved him even more!!

The story unfolds more and more and we see Chloe and Gavin falling in love.  When we see Gavin trying to help a young girl we wonder about her and the connection they have.  As the story twists again, I had a WHAT!!!! Moment!!  I mean WHOOOOOOOA!  It was a take a breather moment.

Tara and Suz are an utter trip and we see their future HEAs in this story and I cant wait to see Tara and Damien because these two were hilarious!!  There were times in the story when my connection to Chloe was not great.  Actually, there were a few times when I down right didn’t like her as a character.  I felt at time she could be a bit wishy washy and push everyone away.  Gavin and her besties would kinda slap some sense back into her and make her realize what she was doing but I just got a little wary of it.  I am hoping in the following books, since she is in a stable relationship with Gavin, she will be more likeable and relaxed.

Aly Grady is New England born but for more than ten years has enjoyed living and raising her children in the Indianapolis area. She has firsthand knowledge of the racing industry because she is a racing widow. Aly enjoys trying to keep up with her two children and their busy lives, reading books by her favorite authors, watching IndyCar racing to look for her husband and traveling. “If you can read all those romance books you should be able to write one.” Aly took that challenge by her husband and ran with it to create The Racer’s Widow.

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