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Our Dirty Secret

What would you do if your husband wanted to share you?

Every marriage has secrets, and Cathy certainly has a few. Yet her husband, Brett is as plain as they come… until he confesses his darkest fantasy.

He wants to share his wife with other men.

Men who will enter the most intimate, delectable parts that his wife has to offer. Strangers who want to do unspeakable acts to his wife.

Is there such a thing as the perfect threesome?

Our Dirty Secret is a MFM ménage that focuses solely on pleasing the woman. This a complete, standalone contemporary erotic romance novel with no M/M scenes and guarantees a happily ever after. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like for your husband to share you with another man, this is a MUST read.


Audio Book

Kindle Book

Review by Twinsie Angie

I received this audio book from the author for an honest review.

So I admit I am on the fence with my review for this book. I was flipping and flopping with what I felt because it’s a complex story a times and then other times I felt it was jumbly.

This is the story about a happily married couple, Cathy and Brett. They are attracted and in love but maybe they are realizing something is missing. Cathy noticed her husband is being secretive about his “Computer time” and she is finding some fulfillment flirting with her co-workers…a couple of guys specifically.

Where I have flip flopped about how I feel about the story is there seems, TO ME, to be some conflict in the story background. Brett is hyper jealous but yet the couple had talked about swinging in the past. Brett doesn’t trust Cathy with Jeremy and yet Jeremy is who they include???

Don’t get me wrong. The story is hawt and the scenes are sexy as hell but I just felt a little bit confused with the storyline at times.

Vivian Ward is a romance author from St. Louis, Missouri. She pens dark and dirty stories about alpha heroes and strong heroines with emotional HEAs. Vivian is happily married to her real-life Prince Charming who is also her best friend. One of her guilty pleasures is reading and writing smut while indulging in chocolate caramel candies.

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