#romanticsuspense #partofaseries #mafiaromance #twinsietenise Demise(Bones Trilogy book 3) by: Paige P Horne

What would you do if you were held captive with the one who got away?

While secretly still longing for Danny O’Brien, the once hoodlum boy who stole her heart when she was just a girl, Bexley Walker tries to move on, marrying and focusing on her new life.

Now a man and deeply into the organized crime world, Danny finds himself with everything he ever wanted, except the woman that slipped away. He wants her back, but is he willing to leave the lifestyle he worked so hard to obtain?



Review by Twinsie Tenise

Whoa! That was quite a rollercoaster of a trilogy. I was constantly guessing trying to figure out what would happen next and was constantly surprised by things I didn’t see coming. This is book 3 in Danny aka Bones and Bexley story. The other 2 books MUST be read before this one.

Now there is no denying that Bones and Bex are destined to be together. There has been an undeniable chemistry between them since they were kids. Its been a long time since they were last together but the attraction is still there. Will they act on it or leave the past in the past? Is Bones ready to give up his life of crime for the love of his life? And if so, does Bex still want him?

I know its a lot of questions. Questions I went into this book looking for and I promise, they will be answered!
I freaking loved this series so HARD! It was a remarkable end to an amazing series! I impatiently waited for the conclusion to this series and now I’m sad it’s over. But I’m sure whatever Paige comes up with next will be just as good. She is a brilliant writer and I love all of her words.


About Paige P. Horne

Paige P. Horne lives in the small town of Gray Georgia with her husband. The two enjoy traveling every little chance they get and binge watching their favorite shows. When she isn’t creating new characters for her readers to fall in love with, you can find her back porch swinging, engrossed in a good book with her dogs at her feet.

Readers have described her stories as captivating and heartbreakingly beautiful.
Paige pens emotional novels about soulmates and broken love.



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