Twinsie Tenise’s Top 5 from January through June 2021

Demise: A Mafia Romance: A Give Me Series Spinoff (Bones Book 3)

What would you do if you were held captive with the one who got away?

While secretly still longing for Danny O’Brien, the once hoodlum boy who stole her heart when she was just a girl, Bexley Walker tries to move on, marrying and focusing on her new life.

Now a man and deeply into the organized crime world, Danny finds himself with everything he ever wanted, except the woman that slipped away. He wants her back, but is he willing to leave the lifestyle he worked so hard to obtain?



Review by Twinsie Tenise

Whoa! That was quite a rollercoaster of a trilogy. I was constantly guessing trying to figure out what would happen next and was constantly surprised by things I didn’t see coming. This is book 3 in Danny aka Bones and Bexley story. The other 2 books MUST be read before this one.

Now there is no denying that Bones and Bex are destined to be together. There has been an undeniable chemistry between them since they were kids. Its been a long time since they were last together but the attraction is still there. Will they act on it or leave the past in the past? Is Bones ready to give up his life of crime for the love of his life? And if so, does Bex still want him?

I know its a lot of questions. Questions I went into this book looking for and I promise, they will be answered!
I freaking loved this series so HARD! It was a remarkable end to an amazing series! I impatiently waited for the conclusion to this series and now I’m sad it’s over. But I’m sure whatever Paige comes up with next will be just as good. She is a brilliant writer and I love all of her words.

About Paige P. Horne

Paige P. Horne lives in the small town of Gray Georgia with her husband. The two enjoy traveling every little chance they get and binge watching their favorite shows. When she isn’t creating new characters for her readers to fall in love with, you can find her back porch swinging, engrossed in a good book with her dogs at her feet.

Readers have described her stories as captivating and heartbreakingly beautiful.
Paige pens emotional novels about soulmates and broken love.

The Perfect Blend: A steamy, M/M age-gap, marriage of convenience, coffee shop romance (A Small-Town Briarton Romance)

They never planned to mix business with pleasure, but together they’re the perfect blend.

Justin plans to put his business and baking skills to good use once he owns the small-town coffee shop of his dreams. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true. If that means involving an unsuspecting silver fox in his scheme, so be it.
Morgan knows moving to Briarton was the right step in getting his life back on track. A case of mistaken identity lands Morgan right in the middle of young, handsome Justin’s completely unexpected plan. Morgan should just say no, but something deep inside urges him to take a chance.
Will Justin and Morgan complete the terms of their unconventional deal? Or will they finally admit there’s more between them than they first realized?

**The Perfect Blend is a steamy, M/M age-gap, marriage of convenience, coffee shop romance.**



Review by Twinsie Tenise

Justin had moved to town to live with his grandpa after an ex basically drug him through the dirt. His dream has always been to own a business of his own and much to his luck, the coffee shop in town is up for sale and he’s bound and determined to purchase the business. He has SO MANY plans for it.

Morgan has lived in Briarton for about 6 months. While it is not his hometown, he does consider it his home. He works at the coffee shop and had told himself if it ever was put up for sale, he would buy the place.

Seems like quite the predicament. I mean, they each want the coffee shop but it’s impossible for these 2 strangers to both get their way. Right?

I enjoyed this book very much. I am a very emotionally involved reader. I wanted nothing more than for the story to go in the direction I hoped it would in my head. I refuse to ruin the book for anyone, I hate when people do that, so I will not reveal whether or not I got my way. I will just say, if you love reading MM romance, and love it even more when it’s an age gap romance with a sexy silver fox and a marriage of convenience thrown in, you should grab The Perfect Blend. It had the perfect blend of angst, funny and sexy. I cannot wait to read the 2nd book in the series.

About A.D. Ellis

Escape into addictive, sexy, emotional romance.
A.D. Ellis is an Indiana girl, born and raised. She spends much of her time in central Indiana as an instructional coach/teacher in the inner city of Indianapolis, being a mom to two amazing school-aged children, and wondering how she and her husband of nearly two decades haven’t driven each other insane yet. A lot of her time is also devoted to phone call avoidance and her hatred of cooking.
She loves chocolate, wine, pizza, and naps along with reading and writing romance. These loves don’t leave much time for housework, much to the chagrin of her husband. Who would pick cleaning the house over a nap or a good book? She uses any extra time to increase her fluency in sarcasm.
A.D. uses she/they pronouns.
FREE books– sign up at for a FREE male/female romance.
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Yearn: A steamy, enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity M/M romance (Remington Place Book 4)

They’ve hated each other for years, but someone forgot to tell them there’s a fine line between love and hate.Khi Harris has spent his life trying to prove himself. After a disastrous relationship, all he needs is a little time to regain his footing. He has no desire to spend that time with an old enemy.Dre King has finally accepted his truth. A new home with family and friends is exactly what he needs as he begins a journey toward his dream. Khi waltzing back into Dre’s life is not part of the plan.The only thing Khi and Dre can agree on is they most definitely don’t want to be thrown together, but that’s precisely what they get. The line between hate and love is easily blurred, but these two men are determined to fight each other tooth and nail.**Yearn is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity M/M romance between two EMS workers who have hated each other for a decade. It’s the fourth and final book in the Remington Place series and can be read as a stand-alone, but is likely best enjoyed when read in order.**



Review by Twinsie Tenise

As I read the other books in this series, I would get snippets of what was going on in the lives of everyone else who lives at Remington Place and I really anticipated getting to find out what was up with Khi and Dre’s story.

They both ended up at Remington Place for their own reasons and one would think maybe it was fate that brought them together again. However Khi doesn’t feel that way. While Dre wants to talk and maybe work through what happened in the past– Khi wants nothing to do with that conversation whatsoever.

Yearn is the 4th and final book in the Remington Place series. This is a forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers, open- your-eyes-and-get-your-head-out-of-the-past, male romance. I loved Khi and Dre and while I’m happy to have finally read their story, I’m really going to miss this series. This is a series of interconnected standalones that do not necessarily have to be read in order but I highly suggest it to get the FULL Remington Place experience.

Finally Us (Next Generation Book 5)

She was perfect.
Her heart.
Her soul.
I had been in love with Gigi Rodriguez for as long as I could remember. I had never been shy about my feelings toward her. Everyone knew how I felt. Except for the person who mattered most.
I needed her like I needed my next breath. Our souls called out to each other, entwining together to form a bond I had never felt with another person.
She was passionate.
Just when I thought I had her in my arms for good, an unknown force threatened to take away the only thing I had ever wanted…

He was stubborn.
Vincent Stone Junior was the very reason I danced. Every time I moved, I moved for him. He just didn’t know it yet.
It all started the night of his eighteenth birthday, but school got in the way and I didn’t see much of him for the next three years.
When he came home for good, I knew that he had one mission: To crack down the walls I had built.
I didn’t want to love him.
I didn’t want to need him.
But losing a piece of myself made me realize that I did in fact want those things. He taught me to love myself first and that he would be there, ready and waiting…
For me.

WARNING: Please be advised that there are scenes in this book that deal with infant loss. If you have triggers, please read with caution.



Review by Twinsie Tenise

Ahhh Vince and Gigi, oh how I have anticipated their book. The wait was long with the authors constant teasing but this story was definitely worth waiting for.
You look up the definition of soul mates in the dictionary and I’m sure there will be a picture of Vince and Gigi there. These 2 were destined to be together. There were SO MANY obstacles in their way. He is younger than her by 4 years, so he felt he needed time to mature. She was constantly in her head so Vince had a tough job ahead of him, working to break down Gigi’s walls. Then, just as he starts making progress- BAM- things manage to get crazier! But Vince is determined and Gigi can only deny her feelings for so long.
Gah! This book had it all. An oh so hot Alpha male who had me fanning myself on more than one occasion. A sweet Heroine. One who I admit, I wanted to shake some sense into several times. I just loved Gigi. And don’t even get me started on the villain. JM writes a good villain and this one takes the cake! Finally Us brought out all of my emotions. I laughed, cried, yelled, and even cussed a few times. A definite binge worthy read. I am LOVING this Next Generation Series. And seriously cannot wait for the next release.

About J.M. Walker

J.M. Walker is an Amazon bestselling author who hit USA Today with Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology. She loves all things books, pigs and lip gloss. She is happily married to the man who inspires all of her Heroes and continues to make her weak in the knees every single day.

“Above all, be the HEROINE of your own life…” ~ Nora Ephron

The Perfect Child

A Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestseller.

A page-turning debut of suspense about a young couple desperate to have a child of their own—and the unsettling consequences of getting what they always wanted.

Christopher and Hannah are a happily married surgeon and nurse with picture-perfect lives. All that’s missing is a child. When Janie, an abandoned six-year-old, turns up at their hospital, Christopher forms an instant connection with her, and he convinces Hannah they should take her home as their own.

But Janie is no ordinary child, and her damaged psyche proves to be more than her new parents were expecting. Janie is fiercely devoted to Christopher, but she acts out in increasingly disturbing ways, directing all her rage at Hannah. Unable to bond with Janie, Hannah is drowning under the pressure, and Christopher refuses to see Janie’s true nature.

Hannah knows that Janie is manipulating Christopher and isolating him from her, despite Hannah’s attempts to bring them all together. But as Janie’s behavior threatens to tear Christopher and Hannah apart, the truth behind Janie’s past may be enough to push them all over the edge.



Review by Twinsie Tenise

Whoa! What did I just read?!?!? My mind is still reeling. I thought I had this one figured out from the start- some parts I did- but some were complete shockers!
This is my 2nd book by Lucinda Berry. I’ve been in a bit of a reading funk lately. I haven’t read nearly as much this year as I have in the past. But this book, in all of its twisted craziness, reminded me why I LOVE reading so much. The words and plot were addictive. I found myself wishing I were home to finish my book. I just– no review I write can do this book justice. Aaannd now I feel like I’m rambling. If you love a good suspense novel, check out this book, it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

About Lucinda Berry

Dr. Lucinda Berry is a former clinical psychologist and leading researcher in childhood trauma. Now, she spends her days writing full-time where she uses her clinical experience to blur the line between fiction and nonfiction. She enjoys taking her readers on a journey through the dark recesses of the human psyche. Her work has been optioned for film and translated into multiple languages.

If Berry isn’t chasing after her son, you can find her running through Los Angeles, prepping for her next marathon. To hear about her upcoming release The Secrets of Us, visit her on Facebook or sign up for her newsletter at

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