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Taki Kasai

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Hello I’m Taki Kasai

I live in South Roxana IL with my eight animals. I have four dogs, Molly, Max, Copper and Khanna. I also have four cats, Cleopatra, Sassy, Salem, and Luna.

Hobbies include: Reading, Writing, and Video Games. (Totally a nerd)

I write multiple genres, I write Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Contemporary Romance. I am going to be dipping my toes into the PNR world here soon as I have come up with a witchy novel that must be done now. My first book was a fantasy novella The Dark Arcane Master back in 2017. My latest book is Save the Last Dance published in 2021.

When I’m not writing I work as a truck dispatcher and a server at a Vineyards. (Can we just say all the free wine?)

When you are writing a book, which is harder? The first book in the series or the others after it?

Everything that comes after the first book. I am always having to look back at my last book to make sure I’m staying consistent with looks, nicknames, places. It sometimes become so boggling even with my notes. The first book I feel I can let my imagination do a free for all.

When writing a series how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

I add new characters and places to the series to add more layers to the story line. To make the story feel like it is more 3D then 2D. I also plan on adding in a new adventure in every story. Per example my Mage War Series is a fantasy series, so there will be more of an adventure story, a battle story, a love story. Etc.

Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?

Don’t force the words and always take me time. Sometimes just enjoying the weather and a nice cup a tea can do wonders for the stress. Especially when the words are not coming. I have also learned that it is okay to get help doing certain things. We can’t do it all!

On a typical day, how much time do you spend writing?

I typically spend a couple of hours writing. I don’t do it all in one sitting due to my 7-5 job but I space it out in-between. Sometimes it can be a few words and other times I might get a few pages written. It really depends on the day.

Do you have a favorite character that you have written? If so, who? And what makes them so special.

Addie Moya is one of my favorite characters. You meet her in The Red Assassin. She is a hacker in the book and tends to blend into the background. She is willing to stay in the background unless one of her friends are hurt. Then she has no problem getting her hands dirty. Not only that she is the one of my mysterious characters who continues to develop as I write. I learn more and more about her every time that even makes me do a double take. I adore her and think she has a lot of potential.

If any of your books were to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it? What book and who?

I would really want my Mage War Series made into the a movie. Just to see Michael Fassbender (Playing Lorcan Adair) and Misha Collins (Playing Mihaly Novak) Go head to head. I think it would be epic. Not only are they brothers but they are each others ultimate enemies. (Let’s not forget Scott Eastwood playing Jackson, one of Mihaly’s best friends and a Bear!)

What is your definition of success?

Someone telling me how much they enjoyed my books and how I have touched their life.

What are your social links?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TakiKasai
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/kasaitaki/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TakiKasai
Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/taki-kasai
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/takikasai

What are your buy links?

Amazon: amazon.com/author/takikasai

*I have books listed on KOBO, iBooks, NOOK as well*

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