#Review – The Bitches of Everafter (Everafter Trilogy #1) By: Barbra Annino

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From the author of the number #1 bestselling book, OPAL FIRE, comes a brand new spellbinding trilogy inspired by fairy tale characters.

These are not the mild-mannered maidens of your childhood. These are fallen princesses and fierce women with no recollection of who they are, where they came from, or how they arrived in a mysterious town called Everafter. All they know is that they’ve been sentenced to a stretch in a half-way house by a malicious judge with an ax to grind. They’ve been stripped of their freedom, their kingdoms, and their true loves. Now, they have nothing left to lose.

Snow White is the newest parolee to arrive at Granny’s House for Girls. It isn’t long before she learns that her housemates harbor secrets, and that the mansion itself is a meandering enigma. She stumbles upon forbidden doorways, ghostly passages, and walls that seem to breathe. Determined to find out what’s really happening inside those old walls, Snow embarks on a dangerous discovery mission. Not everyone is thrilled about her nosing around. In fact, there are some who would kill to keep the secrets that the house—and its occupants—hold.


Review by Kelly

Oh lookout! The princesses we all grew up loving are parolees! “We’re not friends, Princess. This isn’t a fairy tale.” This is a very creative take on the fairy tales we all know with surprising turns behind every locked door. I mean, these princesses are twisted but absolutely delightful, Bahahaha! “It’s colder than a witch’s wart wearing a flannel eye patch in here. Turn the blasted heat on!” There were many times while reading this that I was literally laughing out loud at the shenanigans that were happening. It had me in stitches! On top of just the funny, there is a really great story here. And because we all know these characters, or at least we thought we did, it keeps you on your toes turning the pages trying to figure out who is behind the trickery…and why. A great twist on old fairy tales!

Barbra Annino writes about strong women with a flair for humor and a penchant for trouble. Her bestselling Stacy Justice Mysteries books have hit the top ten in the Amazon charts multiple times, with Opal Fire claiming the #1 slot in the entire store. Check out her Everafter series if you like grown up fairy tales, and Fury Rising for a steamy urban fantasy. Sign up for freebies, exclusive content, release dates, and fun stuff at www.authorbarbraannino.com

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