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Shattered Dreams (Redemption Book 2) by [Dakota Trace]

Sometimes the fairytale falls apart…

The Submissive
Lizzie thought she’d found the perfect…Dom, in her husband Max. He’d swept in and rescued her and her best friend from a hellish existence. He’d sheltered them through the storm of mental illness and gave them a place to belong. Everything was golden…until it wasn’t. A heart attack…followed by a shooting has just shown her how vulnerable her Master actually is. And for the first time in their lives together, she’s the one in charge and taking care of him…sorta.

The Switch:
Max has been hiding a secret from his beautiful wife. He loves being her Master, her rock, her shelter in the storm, but sometimes he struggles with his own need to submit. He never particularly cared for labels, but in his world they mean everything. And now that he’s unable to give Lizzie what she needs…he finds himself withdrawing. He loves his wife, but she deserves better than a man in a wheelchair. Maybe it’s time to find someone to fill his shoes…

The Dominant
Elliot lives for taking care of those around him, which is probably why he became a cop in the first place. When he’s called to the hospital to take the statements of two of the victims, he meets both Lizzie and Max. Both are hurting, one from his wounds and other from her husband’s stubbornness. Perhaps it’s time for a little tough love..

Only time will tell if Elliot is the solution for Lizzie’s and Max’s broken relationship….


Review by Pam

5***** Stars.

A Different Dynamic

I’m not really into the Daddy Dom. But this book tugged at me. I couldn’t stop reading. Lizzie needed a strong Dom to keep her in line. Max is the Master that can do this. Raine is her best friend. They need each other’s support. Master keeps both of them in line. Then Master and his best friend Storm get shot. Here comes Elliot. A very dominant detective. The dynamic of all these relationships change now. Y’all need to read this book. From a Fan… Pam James.

Hello, and welcome to my site. I’m Dakota, an author of erotic romance (think 50 Shades of Gray – but better) and paranormal erotica. And what exactly does that mean? Well, since I’ve always marched to the beat of different drum: it means that I get to take my unique life experiences – like putting around in the garage with my dad, or driving a train when I was ten, to create worlds where the heroines aren’t necessarily June Clever, but are strong independent women who may stand on their own two feet, but long to submit to the right man. Whether it’s two friends who realize there is more than friendship between them or the sexy alien who captures his unwilling slave’s heart, sparks fly between them. My imagination has no bounds or at least none I’ve found yet!

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