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Outcast: A Rejected Mate Shifter Romance (The Pack Prophecy Book 1) by [R.L. Caulder]

“The arrival of the Prophetess will bring both hope and destruction for the wolves of the world.

She alone will be able to save them–or damn them.”

The dark prophecy that has been passed down since the first pack of shifters is coming to fruition– and I am at the center of it.

An orphaned human taken in by a pack of wolves. The fate of their existence in my hands.

I’ve been treated as the dirt beneath the pack’s paws for years.

Will they be able to accept my new role when my powers surface? Will I be able to forgive them enough to help them?

The bright spot amongst all the turmoil…finding my three fated. Until one of them rejects our bond.

The one thing I know for sure…death is coming for us all, soon, and the person responsible for it? Their betrayal is going to alter the shifter world forever.

I’ll conquer my powers, protect the packs, and live happily ever after with my men, right?


No one is prepared for the vile truths of my visions to come to light.


Author Note: This book has a 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences. It is book one in The Pack Prophecy series which will end in a cliffhanger.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this book and audio,

The narration of the story *Chef’s Kiss* was absolutely perfect.  Heather and Jeffrey brought the characters to life 110%.  I will be honest in that I LOVE Jeffrey’s audio and when I see his name, I am super excited.

I grabbed this book because R. L. Caulder will be attending a book signing I am going too. She has so many books to pick BUT this one had audio.  It was the winner.  I gotta admit chance is why I grabbed the book, but I am so addicted to Kira and her men.

I loved the fact this book was kinda a shifter’s version of Cinderella…I mean she is a gross human the Alpha and his wife, Maya, took in.  But once the Alpha’s mate was killed by daimoma, he blames her and is keeping her in misery to punish her.

Kira had only known happiness the few years she was with Jameson and his mother, Maya.  Once Maya was killed she was only bullied and teases horrible by all the wolves in the pack  Jameson and Sophia were the worst ones to her.  There was only one bright spot in her day. Milo always would protect her.  He has made it clear he has feelings for her, but she knows once the full moon hits when he turns 21 just like the rest of the pack, he will find his mate and forget her.  She guards her heart and hopes one day she can find happiness too.

The closer the pack comes to the next full moon, Kira notices Seth, Jameson’s bestie, looking at her like a pork chop.  She is angry that NOW he admits he has feelings.  Sorry Seth not happening.  Kira does as she is always expected to do when the full moon hits and everyone changes….even KIRA!!!???  Milo, Seth, AND Jameson all run to her because they feel the pull to their “Fated Mate”.  The wolves all see who for her she is but the men have issue except Milo.  Seth soon realizes he needs to listen to his wolf but Jameson…well he is a dick.  Mega dick who is so blinded with hatred for Kira.

Kira soon learns she is has the powers to save the shifters but a cliffy happens when she soon discovers what is happening and who is leading the daimoma.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

R.L. Caulder is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in her writing cave away from the intense heat of the Florida sun with her husband and furry writing assistants, MeowMeow and Winrey. Life is never boring for R.L., who has hundreds of imaginary friends constantly vying for her attention and begging for their stories to be told.

If you’re looking for ways to interact with R.L., you can find her on Facebook, in her group:
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