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Deacon (Saints vs Sinners Series Book 1) by [CJ Warrant]

Deacon Saint’s father told him once that anything that gets his blood racing is worth the risk doing. He doesn’t factor in that he would have to face the tragic loss of a best friend, discover that his mother has Alzheimer and come face to face with a girl who broke his heart all those years ago. Nevertheless, coming back to my hometown in Tennessee after being gone for ten years—leaving behind a racing career in the MotoGP world—that Deacon would have to deal with the trials set before him in this small town. He’d rather take on the track, lose skin, break bones, and tear muscle than choose to open his heart.

Olivia Bane thought her life is perfect. Working as a nurse, a boyfriend who’s a doctor, and friends she cherishes. However, the second Deacon Saint comes back home, her ideal life shifts to utter chaos. Someone broke into her barn and a fire is set in Deacon’s, all the while learning a hard lesson of trust.

Deacon shattered Olivia before he left town and now he thinks it’s water under the bridge and is determined to reclaim her heart. She might be throwing off mixed messages, but it’s going to take more than sweet talkin’, fast motorcycles, and good old Southern country charm to win her back.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given the book by the author for an honest review.

I saw the cover and was like HEEEEY GURL!!  Tell me MOOOORE!!!  I was super pumped when CJ let me have a copy to review.  I have read one book by her but have been looking for another to try.  Given this is a new series and it was about bikes, I was in.  But again, can we talk about the cover *Wipes drool* I am all in with that baby.

Alright so this story is a 2nd chance romance and I gotta say they are my jam.  I mean the fact Deacon and Olivia have this blazing chemistry was also a big win for me.  The two are totally head over heals in love but are both idiots and wont admit it because…..feelings/fear/pride??  I mean all of these things get in the way…oh yeah and Olivia’s DB Boyfriend but lets just eye roll him and move on.

Deacon comes home for his besties funeral when all the “guys” are there.  He finds out some old secrets and then discovers his family is in serious disarray.  All he wanted to do with make peace to his friend, bury said friend, and peace outta this town for good but when the script flips and the drama takes over Deacon and Olivia are in for a wild ride.

Award-Winning Author CJ Warrant was born an overseas Army brat, in a Korean Italian household, but settled in the states at five. With a career in the beauty industry, married to a wonderfully supportive man, and three grown kids, her view of life is as such. Life is a journey; both good and bad, light to the dark. She takes it all in, learns from every experience, and captures those moments in her stories.

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