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So I Married a Werewolf (The Mating Game Book 1) by [Kristen Strassel]

I married a wolf for “the good of the pack.” Ask me how that worked out. Now I’m a rejected mate with three kids, and a wolf in sequins and fierce heels is on my doorstep, promising she can breathe life into the dreams that died that day… if I’m willing to put my fate in her well-manicured claws.

I’ll get three questions.

Why did my ex tuck tail and leave me with a giant mess? What is he trying to prove by coming back? And am I brave enough to defy my pack and choose myself?

Oh, enough about him already. He had his chance. I’m ready for a new life.

Bibi le Bonnet is my fairy dragmother. The fabulous wolf will give me a total life makeover and the mating ceremony of my dreams… All I have to do is become a contestant on The Mating Game and choose a mate sight unseen after asking a few flirty questions in front of a live audience.

Three potential suitors.

After a shocking twist on stage, my chosen wolf is revealed as none other than superstar Logan Mathis. I’ve spent so many nights fantasizing about the famous actor, and now he’s on The Mating Game wooing the biggest homebody mom ever: me. Can I trust this wolf when he says he’s willing to claim me, or is it all an act to revive his career?

And three dates to find my forever.

Every date with Logan is time in the spotlight. I want to believe the fantasy, but am I fooling myself? Because my ex is back, and he’ll drag my pack into open war before he lets any other wolf have me.


Review by Pam

4 Stars
The Mating Game Begins 
At first it started a little slow for me. I would put it down, then pick it back up. I was intrigued. Cindy had been mated and left. Pedro was not her true mate. After he left her and her three kids. She agreed to go on The Mating Game. Logan is an out of work actor. He is one of the contestants that Cindy has to choose from. There is humor and action. I did enjoy this story. I loved Bibi so much. Bibi is the fairy dragmother…. Pam James

Kristen Strassel is far cooler than she’ll make herself sound in this bio. She enjoys spending time with the voices in her head—nudging the characters toward those bad decisions and a happily ever after. When she’s not writing, she’s often still in the land of make-believe—doing makeup for film and television. And when she’s not doing any of that, she enjoys making her house look like a Pinterest board, watching football, and road trips to the middle of nowhere.

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