#WOTR23 #TwinsieForTheDayJillian – Not Playing Fair by AJ Renee

Not Playing Fair

BEWARE: Cabin pressure may affect arousal.

Magdalena “Maggie” Perez Rivera

I don’t chase men… not even sexy papi chulos who pop into my life with their charming smiles. I should certainly avoid older ones who turn out to be my best friend’s beloved Uncle Connor. The last thing I need is another protective man in my life, even if I’m craving him.

Connor Hughes

My trip to Orlando is for an interview and to enjoy a short visit with my niece. That’s it. The tempting Latina is the furthest thing I need in my happily single life. To my surprise, the vixen slips under my skin and becomes a permanent fixture in my daily thoughts.

Deciding whether to test our undeniable chemistry may be the least of our worries, because life doesn’t always play a fair hand.


Review by Jillian

Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Comedy

Review: Love me some independent gals and a man who can cook, always a great combo for a great read. I will say, I was super hungry after reading because they were always eating something yummy. Steady romance, a little suspense, and a fun cast of characters. Connor and Maggie only need one more thing to make this romance complete… become members of the Mile High Club!!

AJ Renee

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