#BookPromo – Not A Ghost Of A Chance by Prometheus Susan

Evil. Sadistic. A murderer.

That was what Eric had grown up to be; the thing nightmares were made of. The bumps in the night that haunted you. The shadow that you can’t escape from.

A clown but not human. He was the most feared spirit of all, a poltergeist.

Willow was excited to have a place of her own. She’d scrimped and saved to buy her dream house. But then, odd occurrences began.

It was then she met her ‘roommate’. At first, he didn’t scare her. Then he started murdering her friends when they would visit. Eventually, she was afraid for herself.

Eric planned to keep Willow with him for all eternity. He refused to let her go.

Only one thing could save her

Only one thing could kill him.

Dragon Fire.

Could Willow find a dragon and save herself or was she doomed to be the ghostly bride of a serial killer?

Not A Ghost Of A Chance https://a.co/d/f7jGx3q

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