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“Be quiet and listen: He is cheating on you. The name of your soulmate is Alistair George Arthur Lennox. You will be passed over for the promotion. The winning numbers are 5-8-12-24-39-43. And I’m very sorry to tell you this, but you will die next Sunday.”

When Lilah Goodluck saves the life of Good Witch Willow as they’re crossing a busy L.A. street, the last thing she expects is five unwanted predictions as a reward. Who gives someone the winning lotto numbers then tells them they’ve only got a week to live? And who believes in that nonsense anyway?

But when the first three predictions come true within twenty-four hours, Lilah’s disbelief turns to mild panic. She’s further horrified when she nearly runs a car off the road that belongs to Alistair Lennox, who just happens to be the illegitimate son of the British king.

While Alistair is intrigued by her preposterous story, Lilah is adamant about resisting the heat between her and the playboy prince. If she denies he’s her soulmate, then the last prediction can’t come true, right? As the days count down, they become maybe friends…and then maybe more. But between the relentless paparazzi and some disapproving royals, finding time for love isn’t easy, especially when her days may be numbered.

Red White and Royal Blue meets The Last Holiday in this delightfully quirky novel from the New York Times bestselling author of End of Story, about a woman who unexpectedly finds “fall in love with a prince” at the top of her bucket list.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

I have to say I am a reader of all Kylie’s books.  I will be honest when I say some just wrap me up in a happy bubble for days.  While other books are easy to put down and come back to later.  I was really excited for the premise because I have never heard of a story like this.  So I was hoping for the first vs other book.

When the book started, I was all in.  I loved the way Lilah and Willow met and her reaction to what Willow tells her.  I mean I would have freaked out too right??  ANYONE would have.  Because when you get that information, anyone would ignore it but also kindddda wonder.  When things started to go like Willow said, Lilah FREAKED OUT as I would have.  I mean you meet your soulmate like willow said you would.

The story of Lilah and Alistair’s romance was cute but at times I felt like the chemistry was a little lacking. There were spots when I felt the story was rushing which is also why maybe I felt the lack of the love/chemistry.

Overall, I did like the story and would tell a fan of her writing to grab the book.

I received a copy of this book by NetGalley for an honest review.

I was excited to get this book. I so enjoy a good Kylie Scott read.  This was different but I was intrigued by this story.  I like the beginning and how Lilah finds out her fate.  There were great parts to this book and then there were some ok parts.

Willow gives Lilah the information everyone wants to know about their fate when Lilah saves Willow. She doesn’t believe Willows predictions until things start to go the way the Good Witch Willow says. Then Lilah starts to freakout a bit. Lilah almost takes out the one and only Alistair Lennox the same man Good Witch Willow says is Lilah’s soulmate. I have to say the chemistry between Alistair and Lilah is great. Along the way Lilah finds Alistair is a kind loving amazing guy. I enjoyed reading and seeing Lilah complete things on her bucket list and seeing all Alistair does to help.

This was an enjoyable read.  I did find it easy to set down but my curiosity of what would happen next had me picking it back up. If you are a fan of Kylie Scott’s works you should not overlook this one.

Kylie is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best-selling, Audie Award winning Romance author.

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