#WOTR24 #paranormal #Shifters #SpinoffSeries – Brave, Alumbra Pack book 4 by AJ Renee

A lifelong crush on her pack’s beta would only lead to heartbreak… or would it?When Carrie Somers returns to her pack after years in captivity, she’s annoyed to realize her childhood crush is as strong as ever. If only ending her attraction to Lance were as easy as shifting into her wolf.No matter how thrilled she is to be reunited with her family, she’s holding on by a thread. Between her overbearing family, the town gossips, and running into Lance at every turn, she is near her breaking point. How can she move on if everyone keeps walking on eggshells around her?Though young himself, Lance Selba had never imagined his mate would be a were as young as Carrie. Needing to hide their status until she was more mature, he leaned on his elders for support and agreed to a spell that would help safeguard the pair. Years later, Lance decided it was time for the spell to be removed and talk to her about it, but before he could ask, his world crashed down on him with news of her abduction.After Carrie rejoins their pack, witches remove the spell. His mate has been through hell, and no matter how much he and his wolf demand they claim her, they can’t. Lance must ease himself into her life, and she’s not making it easy on him.Secrets, no matter how innocent or well-meaning, have a way of hurting the ones they are trying to protect. Can Carrie find it in her heart to forgive the people who love her the most, or did they wait too long to tell her and the deception is one too many?



Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

SWEET BABY JESUS!!  The chemistry was CRAZY in this book. YO I was dying for these 2 to get to banging…just kinding but kinda not.

Lance is seriously the most swoon worthy male ever.  I mean to see your mate when she is a child and you are a grown ass man…woof cannot even begin to deal with that ….then when you want to come forward and be like “Hey guuuuurlllll” she is kidnapped for 3 long years.  So much happens to Carrie but she returns and is dealing.  Lance is trying REAL hard to keep his stuff tight but when the woman who is your forever, the other half of your soul, and your future is giving you dagger eyes…yeah it kinda flips him out.  Broody doesn’t even begin to cut it with Lance.

There is so much for Carrie to understand.  She doesn’t know what this mating mark is.  She doesn’t understand why its been hidden from her.  She doesn’t understand why Lance would be fated with a damaged mate like her.

Lance on the other hand is flipping because he has loved Carrie since for ever but he wasn’t able to save her and he feels like he let her down by masking the mate bond.

GAH these 2!!  I am telling ya…intense chemistry.  As always we get to see some hilarious dialogue and funny character scene stealers like Scott from the car dealership.

But again I absolutely fell in love with these characters.  The family bond and mating dynamic is written very well by AJ.  I look forward to each of her books and cannot wait for who is next.  I admit I hope its Jaz.  The girl needs a bright sunny day after all her nights in the dark.

AJ Renee is a military wife and mother of three. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Master of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

She loves to read and write steamy romance with a happily ever after. When not working, you can find her playing World of Warcraft, board games, or outdoors for a run or hike.

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