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#Review #Paranormal #Shifters – Jackson: NAC & The Holly Group (Alpha Team #1) by Chelsea Handcock

Book 1 of 6 Books currently in the series!

Jackson: NAC & The Holly Group (Alpha Team Book 1) by [Handcock, Chelsea]

*** Newly Re-edited Version**

Jackson Thorp believes in tangible facts, military precision and having a good time. Never forming attachments to females and never letting them attach themselves to him. His policy is love em’ and leave em’. It works and he wouldn’t have it any other way. At least that was what the thought. The fates seem to have a different plan and one little red head seems to have blasted the top off his world. He starts to questions everything his sanity, his history and the legends of the past. Could she really be the answer?

Ryleigh Quinn has her life all planned out: work, work and more work. Save as many lives as possible and fill her heart with the good she helped come into the world. She has never been normal and doesn’t even want to be. When a mission brings up memories from her childhood she if forced to confront the one man she thought would never lie to her. The events that follow also forced her to realize that maybe all work and no play isn’t what she really wants out of life. Fate has a way of making a person change their minds. Her fate just happens to come in the form of a delicious, infuriating, dominating bear Shifter. Who would have thought?


I purchased this book.

I am HUGE Shifter fan and when I saw this book pop up as an attending author for a book signing I was attending, I was sold!!  I mean shifters….YUM.  I bought this book and had to wait a month before I had time to read because being a teacher at the end of the school year…yeah no time!!   When I made my list of top priority books this was number 2 on my summer reads knowing I will probably want to read the other 5 ASAP too.

So Jacks *Shiver* what a tall drink of water. AmIRight????  Holy Sweet Baby Jesus the Swagger and the smirks but his cocky arrogance was pretty much the right combo for me.

Ryleigh was the perfect blend of sweet, sassy and feisty for our heroine.  The fact her dad was going to kick Jacks ass made it even that much better!!  LOL   But the fact she could ick ass was even THAT muh more awesome.  I loved seeing her put the guys in their place when they thought she was a weak human.

The story is about some bad people trying to make shifter kids from human and shifter DNA.  Not cool and definitely not ok. Ryleigh’s Alpha Dragon Shifter adoptive father saves her, and help protects her but also helps train her for the war that is most defiantly brewing.

Ryleigh and Jacks meet when her dad asks his men to help her team of highly trained women in saving other females much like her and them.  The chemistry was instant between the two and Jacks is flipping off his rocker.  Naïve and sweet Rye is kinda a hot mess because she has never had a boyfriend so this lust thing was alllll kinds of new to her.

So the book was REALLY slow to get started.  I put it down a few times because I just wasn’t getting into it.  I know with Paranormal you have to world build but I felt a little too much at first.  It was like a meeting between the characters was forever…..like 15 chapters long.  BUT once the meeting was FINALLY adjourned, the book FLEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was really invested and couldn’t put the book down at all.  I was reading too fast and then like DAMN its over!!!

The books had a lot of secrets, twists, turns and deceits that totally threw me each and every time.  The more we learn about the characters and their pasts, the more invested in the characters I became.  I really don’t know which guy I like the most as of right now.  They all have a spot in my heart but if I have to pick I would say it’s a tie between Jacks and Cash.  Jacks for the above reasons but Cash *Dreamy sigh* for his heartache.

Chelsea Handcock

Come spend a little time with me while you explore the world’s of NAC & The Holly Group and the Ruthless Bastards. The twist and turns will excite and delight. The steamy attraction and unbreakable bonds will make you melt and leave you craving more. Let your imagination go and enter a world where the men are all are hot, strong, and dominant.