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The Long Shot

One look and he knew it was a long shot.

Ryan King is a movie star with a secret. Women fall at his feet for a chance, but that’s never been what he wanted. Broken hearted after helping his closest friend claim the love of his life, Ryan is searching for a distraction. One who can keep his secret.

Shannon O’Neil’s life has changed drastically in the last few years. He served as a Navy SEAL to escape his father’s scrutiny, but an injury forced him to reevaluate his choices. Now he runs a successful security firm. One that recently took a consulting job to train a group of actors for an upcoming movie.

The attraction is immediate but long distance relationships have never worked for either. Still, they want to try. Navigating through their own family drama, and Ryan’s shooting schedule may prove too much of a burden.


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I have always wanted to read a book by this author because my bestie loves her stuff but seeing her list of long series , I just cant find the time.  When I saw she started a new series about movie stars I was interested.  When I saw book #2 was an MM, I was SOLD!  Check Please!!  Yes, can I have an extra 4 chapters of MM Lovin’!

The story is about Ryan, the popular movie star who every woman wants but can’t seem to get.  Welp ladies, it seems we don’t have the “equipment” Ryan enjoys in a bed mate *Wink*.  Ryan is using his bestie Raven has his cover to keep the paparazzi and gold diggers at bay.  Seems everyone is ok if the co-stars are dating….well everyone except for Raven’s stalker!!  Ryan sees a hot guy at a club one night and is pretty sad when he sees the hottie is with the ladies. *Snaps fingers* If only he swung Ryan’s way right……WELLLLLL…..

Shannon is an ex-Navy Seal who now trains movie stars on guns, stunts, ect before movies begin filming.  He is out before his new bunch of movie stars show up and he sees Ryan.  But he knows he is dating Raven soooo why is the hottie’s eyes on him 24/7 tonight?  Could Ryan be interested???

I enjoyed the slow set up and Ryan and Shannon.  Both men are used to hiding their sexuality from the world.  They both learn very quickly that they are very similar in the way they protect the ones they love.  They are both struggling to over-come past issues and if what they feel is IT!!  The L word!!

We see them slowly letting their loves ones in on their secret but still worried about what the world will say when they find out America’s favorite movie star is gay.  We also see Shannon dealing with his dad and sister’s inability to believe he is in love with a man and not a woman.

The side characters were great.  I loved Luke and Raven’s continued support of Ryan and Shannon’s relationship.  Manny I pretty much wanted to throat punch the entire damn story.  DUDE Be like Elsa and “Let it go!”

I’ve always loved books, especially about monsters and magic, so I started writing. I’m working on a prequel and the next few books in the Others of Edenton series, and I have a head full of stories to share.

I’m a stay at home mother with a wonderful husband who lets me write and write to my hearts content.


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