#NewRelease #RH #Aliens – Alie and the Cosmic Convicts by KB Everly and Emma Cole

Alie and the Cosmic Convicts

Have you ever wondered what would happen if aliens suddenly began appearing on Earth?

I have an answer for you. The world loses its sh*t!

Aliens are a part of everyday life in the year 2020. They have jobs, drive super high-tech cars, and even live next door to you. Crazy right?! But with our new extraterrestrial guests came new laws. Laws which I get to help uphold in my new job as a guard at the max facility that holds some of the most dangerous intergalactic species the Earth has ever seen.

My close encounter, however, isn’t at all what I was prepared for. Three aliens housed in the facility are making my job much harder than it needs to be. Not only have they taken up space on my planet, now they’re slowly stealing space in my heart.

My name is Alie Greshem and I’m about to take you on a ride that’s literally out of this world…

**This is a Reverse Harem Alien Prison Romance with tons of laughs, lovers, and a few interesting sexual appendages the normal human wouldn’t have**

*This is a standalone novel



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

This book is a funny as hell, sexy, and fun RH with Aliens.  I mean why not right??

The story is super fast paced and you are laughing through the entire book due to Alie’s convicts.  There were times I was a little out of the story because of Alie’s inner and outer dialogue but I pushed through and it got better.     There were times the story seemed rushed but I consider this a novella and so that is also to be expected.

This book was seriously just what I needed after reading a heavy book.  I have never read a book from Emma before and read a lot of KB’s so I kind of knew what to expect going in.  I think the book is some fun and hawt reads for a cold wintery day like I was having when I read it.

Emma Cole

A pseudonym used by Susanna Kearsley

KB Everly

K.B. Everly is a USA Today Bestselling author from Southern Mississippi. She has one daughter, a puppy, and two cats who she claims are stealing her soul in only tiny doses so she won’t notice. She can be found (or not found) hiding from her tiny human so she doesn’t have to share her snacks. Usually it’s in the closet. What free time she has is used fighting with Malegficent, her prosthetic leg, or stuffing her face with copious amounts of coffee and candy as she types away on her next book.

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