#MC #Review #SeriesStarter – Encased on Steel, Steel MC Book 1 by Wren McCabe

Encased by Steel: Steel MC New Mexico Charter by [Wren McCabe]

In book one of Steel MC: Titan “Steel” Malone was damaged by war, discharged from the Army, and had nowhere to go. Until he finds out, he inherited an entire town and over ten thousand acres of property from his best friend who gave his life protecting the United States. Steel takes the five remaining soldiers left of his squad and offers them a place to call home. Delaney “Dell” O’Riley, during a mission, loses everything. The loss so great she leaves without looking back. Three children to be raised alone. After years of wondering, she stumbles upon what’s left of her husband’s, Company, the Renegades. Can doubt, hurt, loss, grief, then forgiveness lead Steel and Dell to recovery or does it tear them apart forever?


Review by Twinsie Angie

 I purchased this book.

 I met the main characters, Steel and Dell, a longtime ago when I read the spin off series : Steel MC Montana Charter.  SOOOO I knew all about steel and Dell but I didn’t know the road to their HEA.  When I met Wren, I had to buy the books since I am head over heels in love with the other series, she co-writes with Michel Prince.  I have been sitting on these books until just NOW because LIFE…ya know.

I have to say I had a rough time reading these books due to the time jumps that aren’t explained util mid-way through a chapter.  I also had issue with some of the messiness of the chapters.  It seemed a bit choppy initially to me when reading.  I was really struggling even at 35% into the book.  I will say the flow seemed to get better more towards the end of the book but if I wasn’t already invested in these characters from another series I might had not finished reading.

Steel is a bit of a man whore and a bit of a DB.  I am being real here people.  He loves Dell and always had but he isn’t about to sit and wait for her to come to him.  Dell is a hot mess since her husband left and knows Steel wants her and she him but again GUILT.  It’s a hard thing.

But when Dell does come to him, he is a mega dick.  Like I would have nut punched him.  Given I know how awesome he is later, it made me sad/angry to see him this way.  But Dell is a mess of contradictions.  She doesn’t want any responsibilities but then is running all the MC Hoez and such.  So again…..Choppy and makes your head spin at how on again and off again she is.

Essentially these two have a whole city block worth’s of history to deal with and right when you think they might make a connection, Dell is kidnapped and the MC is going to get her.

I really wanted to love this book but found it hard to read and follow initially.  I really really wanna read book 2 because I know these characters from the spin off and want to see the road to their HEA. 

Wren grew up in the Northern part of the USA. She enjoys spending time with family, curling up with a good book, coloring in her adult books and driving motorcycles, big trucks and fast cars to relieve stress after a busy week.

Born in a large family she is all about family values and morals.

Wren’s friends and family will agree she is never far from a pen and paper as she finds so many things in the world peak her interest and can inspire an entire story.

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