#Review – Luci: Romance with the Devil’s Daughter by Bella Roccaforte




Luci is the Devil’s daughter, and she has the world at her fingertips. She’s sexy, powerful, and the sole owner of the Second Circle Casino, a present from her daddy.

To everyone else, it looks like she has everything a girl could want, but the one thing she doesn’t have is the love of her life. In a crude deal with Daddy Dearest to save her lover’s life, Luci loses everything. Now, payment on the contract is due, and Lucifer is showing no mercy.

Luci has to retrieve the Sword of Redemption so Daddy can conquer and rule Heaven. If she doesn’t find it, he’ll send her right back to Hell–where she was for over a century–ripping away every chance to feel love again. If she does, she destroys her one chance to get a glimpse at Heaven in all its glory.

When all she loves is on the line, she might make the worst decision of her life.

***Warning contains adult language and situations – it’s a bit sexy***





kellys review

Yes, yes, and more yes! Luci is the devil’s daugter. She is truly a work of art and has all the right moves. A sexy temptress that can ger her exactly what she wants and when she wants. With one exception, her lover. The devil himself won’t even give his daughter a break. The contract is due and she takes three unsuspecting tourists out on the town to give them a night they will never forget. As if Las Vegas isn’t already Sin City but these guys are in for a real treat. They are taken to different areas of the city and are given tasks to do on her behalf so she can complete the contract with her father. The situations they find themselves in are sometimes funny then completely and utterly sexy. Ahhhh, the things we do for love. This is truly a one of a kind story. An absolute must read. Kudos to Bella Roccaforte for bringing us an incredible story!


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I’m the author of:

Crescent Hunter (Moon Crossed) Series

INK: Series

Paranormal Transmissions Series


I have been many places and done many amazing things. My motto has always been that you can choose to watch life pass you by or be the one spinning the world. You have to get out and live. Life won’t come to you!

Writing is just one of my passions that I’m lucky enough to be able to express. I also love music, reading other people’s books, but most of all spending time with my kiddos.

The characters in INK are very near and dear to my heart. Some are very closely fashioned after real people in the real world. Many of the experiences that Shay has had actually happened, of course there haven’t been any murders – oh wait there were but not like in the book. That’s a whole other series!

INK is currently slated to be a 6 book series (0-5). I hope that you enjoy INK: Fine Lines and fall in love with Aiden and Eli just like I did!

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