#Review – Girl on the Mend (Wounded Bird Book #3) by Bella Roccaforte


The final book in the Wounded Bird Series!

Wren immerses herself into her work, hoping to find something that will fill the Maddox-shaped hole. Wren and Maddox try to renew their friendship, but it no longer fits. Wren can’t bring herself to trust again.

Maddox stands up to everyone that was tearing them apart. He’s decided he’s going to be with her regardless of the consequences. On the way to winning her heart, tragedy strikes.

Will Wren and Maddox be able to get past the fear and find the road home to each other?




The final book in the Wounded Bird Series! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! This has been a truly captivating series from the beginning and continued strong! Lots of strong emotions. Can anyone be truly happy? Wren is struggling with trying to be happy. Things are going her way but there is still one hole…Maddox. At the end of the second story Maddox decides he is going to be sure that he is happy or die trying. He is finally tired of hurting and watching Wren hurt as well. These two go through a slew of trials trying to find their happy. Will everyone accept or not? Or do they matter? I was really worried about what the twist will be coming into the last book. I was a mess trying to figure it out. Bella holds true to her style and throws you an insane twist that will grab your heart and twist it in the best possible way. Grab your tissues for the extreme lows but you will also smile with a huge heart. Bravo, Bella! This is an awesome series and an incredible ending!!! Mwah!





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