#Review – Penny Lane, Paranormal Investigator: The Ouija Board Mystery by David J. Cooper

Penny Lane, Paranormal Investigator - The Ouija Board Mystery (Penny Lane - Paranormal Investigator Book 1) by [Cooper, David J]

When a group of teenage schoolgirls fool around in the school break, they accidentally injure one of their friends. She dies as a result. They try to contact her by using a Ouija board. They believe that they have contacted her, but release an evil entity instead which threatens their lives. They contact Penny Lane – a paranormal investigator, for help. She tells them what they have to do to destroy it. They follow her instructions but four of them die mysteriously. The two terrified remaining survivors return to see Penny, but is it too late for her to save them? A story that will make you think twice before dabbling with the occult.


This story is very much intriguing. I was very excited to get into this as the author starts from the very beginning letting us know that this is based on real events. Which in turn makes me want to read it even more. We get started and get some background on the village and the people. We meet Penny Lane as well. I thought this was going to be more about Penny Lane actually investigating the paranormal activities but this was not the case. Four girls try to summon their friend who tragically passed away but they unlock some bad spirits. From here the story kind of jumps around between these girls and a few other characters with different types of paranormal things happening. Very little is actually about Penny Lane investigating the incidents. It is a short story and easy to read but I wish the author would have spent more time building the setting and letting us get to know the characters better. I really wanted this story to be great. It was good for me but it has the potential for so much more. I look forward to see what else David Cooper sends our way.


David started writing as a hobby in the 1980s. He interviewed Lynne McGranger, the Australian actress from Home and Away, when she was appearing in pantomime in Torquay, Devon. Surprisingly, his interview with her was published in People’s Friend, a UK magazine. Since then, he decided he would spend more time on writing.
He wrote his first poem, God’s Garden, which is featured in the Best Poems and Poets 2012.
Though he’ll forever be an Englishman at heart, he now lives in Mexico with his 3 dogs, Chula, Sooty, and Benji.
If he’s not working on his latest story, you can find him walking his dogs or watching Discovery channel.
David says that he and Bear Grylls have something in common: adventure.
David’s adventure is writing books!
You can contact David at davidco662001@yahoo.com

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