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Twinsie Angie here annnnd OMG I Can’t believe its time for me to pick my top 5 already.  Man!  There were a lot of great books this year so selecting 5 was really tough!!  So I picked my 5 and they are being posted in no particular order at all……………….


Lost in Between (Finding Me Book 1)  by KL Kreig (but book 2 was just as amazing too!!)

Lost in Between (Finding Me, #1)

We all have one.

A price.

That magic number that will get us to agree to do anything, be anything.

Don’t sit on your gold-plated high horse and say you don’t because you do. Everyone does. Each of us has something we covet enough that we’d sell ourselves to have it.

What’s my tipping point, you ask? Apparently a cool quarter mil will do the trick.

What does one do for 250 large, you wonder? Anything the infamous, gorgeous playboy of Seattle wants. For the next four months I’ll be Shaw Mercer’s arm candy, his beck and call girl, his faux girlfriend. I’ll be his to command, mold, push and pull in any direction he sees fit.

I’ll fight falling into bed with him. I’ll fight falling in love with him even harder. I’ll fail at both. And when my past and present collide in the most unexpected of ways, I’ll learn that while one man’s love for me has never died, the only man’s love I really want will never be mine.

*If dirty-talking, dominant alphas are not your thing, move along. Mature, 18+ only. Book 1 in a 2-part duet.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.
Ok first up. My warning to you…if you don’t smoke you might want to buy a pack because you will need a cigarette a few times during the book scenes!! Yeah it’s that HAWT!! Ok so the Surgeon General is not going to like that but eh oh well.
If this is a first-time book from this author, I am sure you will be hooked completely and devour her library like I did when I found her. If this is not your 1st rodeo with her, then YES This book is just as amazing as you expect from her.
Shaw….I won’t even being to discuss Noah because I don’t think I can handle those two in the same review…he is a player who enjoys his life. His family and job are his priority. Period. Ladies are lovely and a lot of fun either 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 but that is it…fun!
Willow is truly broken and hiding. She has hiding behind her mask and giant walls to protect herself from getting hurt. The people she loves the most always end up leaving her. If you guard your heart you don’t get hurt. Period.
Shaw and Willow meet but its fleeting and they are both still thinking about the other and wondering. Fast forward to a few days later, Shaw needs help and Noah comes to his rescue. Noah’s plan forces the two to be face to face with each other and the chemistry explodes in every scene following!!!
The more time they spend together, the more they are both falling and freaking out over THAT ledge. You know the ledge I am talking about!!!! Just as we are finally thinking THIS IS IT…there will be a HEA, PLOT TWIST and holy hell did I not see it coming.
Shaw is not a fan of this new emotion called jealousy. Willow is torn by her heart and the final page of the book left me saying “WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I can’t believe I have to wait because I need my Shaw and Willow together. I know what is going to happen and my heart is hurting for what is going to play out for our couple. The question is : will Willow trust in her man or will she run from him too!!??? GUUUUURL, don’t run because I will be there to wipe his tears!!!

Hunger (Jane Thorton Book 1) by CE Black

Hunger (Jane Thornton Book 1)

“‘Have you seen the girl?’

I was the only girl here. The only living soul in this whole damn town. It had been almost a year since the beginning of the end, and I’d been here the entire time. It was my hometown, where I’d grown up. And where I thought I would die. Eventually. But I wasn’t ready. Not yet.”

A year ago, Jane Thornton watched quietly as the world fell apart. Like a thief in the night, something took over humanity, leaving behind only the dead and the flesh eaters. Or so she thought.

Being born mute was a weakness in the old world. Now she used it to her advantage. If there was one thing she was good at, it was hiding. Until they found her.

Kaden and Mason were two of the biggest, most threatening men she’d ever seen. And she was now their captive. But if they were holding her against her will, where were her chains? Why were they so concerned about her safety and her empty stomach? And how could her heart survive if she ran now?

*Warning: This is book one in an on-going series (trilogy) and may or may not end in a cliffhanger, depending on your definition of a cliffhanger.

**This book contains strong sexual content, violence, and adult language. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

I purchased this book because it looked AMAZEBALLS!!

Zombies, and bad guys and 3some’s Oh My!!

Yup that is the whole reason I bought this book….the above three comments….and I am not going to be shy or embarrassed by it!! If they are 3 HRMMMM’s for you then people go for it and grab it because you will love it!

So Jane has seen how bad the words is now that Flesh Eaters are running the world. She can’t trust anyone but herself. When Kaden and Mason spot her, they want to keep her safe. They KINDA force her to come but it’s because they are worried for her not because they are like “other” men who try to force Jane.

Kaden and Mason are two totally different men but we fall in love with them both for different reasons. Mason is an open book while Kaden is the brooding alpha. The guys both WANT Jane but also want to keep her safe in this world. *swoon* covering her in their blankets…sigh….giving her the nasty can of spaghetti-o’s because she is hungry……….

When the lines get crossed between the trio and someone is hurt, the group must separate. Jane is left alone and wondering if she made a huge mistake. Now she is waiting for the guys and hoping they will be able to find her to figure everything out!!
I can’t wait for more…like yes I need to know moooore!!


Rush by CA Harms

RUSH (Montgomery Men #1)

I was running from my husband, a man I thought I’d known. Running from the hell he had put me through.

He’d nearly destroyed the woman I had once been and I would do whatever it took to regain my freedom.

I would lie, and cheat. I would steal if it meant that I never had to go back there.

I’d run and keep running…

But there was one problem. I hadn’t planned for Ashton Montgomery.

He was a distraction I couldn’t allow. Not if I wanted to stay safe. I had to remain distant, but he was relentless and had other ideas.

I caved because I hadn’t thought it all through, not in detail.

If I had I would’ve realized that you can only live in a fantasy world for so long before everything came crashing in around you.

And those lives you’ve destroy along the way, make you no better than the monster you were trying to break free from.

How could I have been so careless? It wasn’t meant to turn out this way. But the Rush of my freedom took control and I forgot how important it was to keep the secret of who I had once been.

And now I had nothing…

Only the fear that the man I’d run from would find me again, and finish what he started.

–Rush, is written superbly. From start to end all the words piece together beautifully. The story line flows easily through a very solid foundation. The angst ranges from light to heavy to “damn my breath has gone”. Rush is indeed a Rush of epic proportions!

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

Oh my!! SOOOO uhm yeah…*Blushes* hey Ash How are you? *Gulps* uhm Knox I didn’t see you there stalking the background. *eyes bug out* Hey Beckett you’re here too. *Whispers to self* I don’t think I can handle all the Montgomery Bothers in the same room at the same time!! WAY TOO MUCH HOT FOR ONE GIRL!!

Ok so yeah those Montgomery guys are yum. They are alpha. They are cocky. They are arrogant and they are my dream come true!! LOL I am totally loving Ash but I gotta say I am prolly licking Knox and calling him mine…juuust staying.

Ash is a total player and if you think he is going to be more than a one night stand, you my friend are stupid. Ash won’t be tricked into anything and he can’t trust anyone so why even attempt it.
Kins has lived a nightmare. She is married to a monster who she barely escapes when she goes on the run. She ran and ran and ran right into Ash.

As much as she fights it is as much as he chases. When she finally decides to stop living in fear and try to live again they couple explode with hot times……and then we are feeling Kins and her guilt…..she loves Ash but she can’t tell him the truth. Her husband will stop at nothing to get her back.

I gotta say, I loved dominate Ash but that sweet and gentle Ash won my heart. I liked the storyline and felt horrible when Ash discovers things about Kins but also wanted to throat punch him a few times too. His assistant Lex WAS HILARIOUS and I so hope he gets an HEA!! I am so excited for the next book because Beckett seems like he is mega serious guy and love is going to knock him off his rocker. However, I notice that this means my boyfriend Knox is last…sigh…fine CA be that way!!

Sin by Torrie Robles
Sin (Devil's Fury #1)
A middle child born into Devil’s Fury MC. Sin never felt that he fit into the club. He didn’t see his life as anything other than the son of the president. Wanting a life away from the MC, Sin joined the military after high school, becoming nothing more than a grunt in the Marines. Military life was hard, and war was something he didn’t expect. People called him a hero for defending his country, but he felt more like a coward. A hero wouldn’t have shrapnel scars on their back, proving they were running away from the fight instead of facing it.Savannah She was raised by her working class family in the midst of oil country, Texas. Catching the eye of an older man, the son of oil royalty, she thought she found love. But she was wrong. He wanted her on his arm, to make him look good, just as a woman should. Savannah wanted to be heard, her opinion to matter. She wanted to be valued. The first strike of his hand across her face should have been evidence enough that her life wasn’t turning out as she had hoped. Getting smacked around became the norm. Fearing him became her life.
Sin & Savannah
Two people broken.
Two people living a life they didn’t want.
Two people thrown together
To keep each other safe;
One from their past, and one from their own misery.
Can he rectify a past tragedy?
Can she be his salvation?

I received this book from the author for an honest review.
Oh man…this book has a lot going on. First and foremost, we are dealing with two broken people who find themselves when they need each other the most.
Savannah is just a broken shell or her former self. She has loved and lived with an abusive man but once she discovers she is pregnant, she runs. Sin/Matthew, is a shell of the man he could be because he blames himself for the brutal death of his sister and father plus letting down his soldiers in the war. When he sees Savannah, he does what he things is right and takes her to try and save her.
This couple faces A LOT. Matthew thinking Savannah deserved more than a bad man biker himself. Savannah dealing with her pregnancy and falling in love with the kind MC biker who is protecting her. They two are dealing with the push and pull they cause one another. They also must deal with their pasts coming back to haunt them.
Savannah’s baby daddy won’t let her go, Sin’s jealous club girls, and Sin can finally confront the man who took half of his family in one night.
One top of all the twists and turns we see family…..a whole lot of family. Family is a big theme in MC novels and this novel doesn’t disappoint. We have a traitor in the mist of the family who cause the calm to be disrupted plus we have another family that needs to learn a few things about the Devil’s Fury….like don’t mess with theirs!
Feral King by Sparrow Beckett

Feral King

Minnow Korsgaard works a dead end job to make ends meet. When she’s hired to take care of a wealthy old man with no social skills, she’s excited to have found work in her field.

The new boss isn’t at all what she expected.

Severin Leduc is only thirty. He’s also a dominant, tattooed brute who’s needs someone to break through the walls he’s built. The exiled son of a wealthy family, he’s unapologetically rude and eccentric. Raised by servants, he doesn’t want extra people in his life, let alone a pretty girl who refuses to leave him in peace.

Minnow’s submissive nature sparks against Severin’s dominance. Torrid sexual attraction flares between them. Sharing her with his best friend, Rodrigo, only strengthens their growing bond, and Severin’s life is scattered into chaos. Will he learn to trust her, or will he live the rest of his life forgotten?

Warning: BDSM, dark themes. Character’s memories of prior abuse may trigger some readers.

Shut. Up!
I love love love this book and need book 2 like yesterday.

review to come after I process it all!!!!!

(Once I settled the heck down and I could type my thoughts)

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Holy Mother….what have they done to me? I am totally and forever ruined by Sev. He owns a piece of my soul…and Sadists scare the ever-loving crap outta me. #WhatHappened????

Ok so here goes…….I loved that there are references to Beauty and the Beast in this book because honestly THAT is a true representation of these two flawed individuals.

Sev….*Sigh* If I thought he might let me curl up in his lap I would and try to make all the hurt go away buuuut remember he is a sadist and well he kinda digs the pain. He is so closed off and afraid to let people in. When he loves, he does it fierce and with all the loyalty he has. When he begins to let our Minnow in, and he tells his story….the anguish you feel and the hurt you have. You my reaction is the same as Minnows. I was ready to cut a B!!!

Minnow is the most amazing person. She meets Sev and is drooling immediately but she can feel the Dominant in him. She is a moth to his flame. She is all for it and pushes him not knowing all his history. When he finally accepts her into his heart, holy sweet Jesus!!! The ballroom will never be the same!! *Snickers because you have no clue what I am talking about!*

Now the two of them have a trusty side kick names Ro. I FLOVE him. He is the right person to help our H/h get together *snickers again* . He is the perfect fit of friend and tag team partner for the couple plus there is an under lying need there he has to have a connection much like Sev and Minnow.

The end of the book is a bit of a cliffy….we are left with some of Sev’s past coming back to haunt him. So we need to know if Sev and Minnow are strong enough to weather this storm together or will Sev’s fear and past force him to push her and is best friend away.


Lost in Between – Amazon

Hunger – Amazon

Rush – Amazon

Sin – Amazon

Feral King – Amazon

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