#NonFiction #Review You Desrve a Drink; Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery by Mamrie Hart

The riotously funny debut from the drinking star with a YouTube problem.

Since launching her YouTube channel “You Deserve a Drink” in 2011, comedian Mamrie Hart has built an intensely devoted following of more than half a million viewers. Like her bawdy and bacchanalian show, Hart’s eponymous debut pays tribute to her boozy misadventures with an original cocktail recipe accompanying each hilarious tale. From the “Leaves of Three Martini,” commemorating the hookup to whom she accidentally gave poison ivy, to the “Bizzargarita,” in honor of the time she and a friend were approached by two uber-Republican couples who wanted to “swing” while on vacation in Mexico, You Deserve a Drink is as useful as it is entertaining.

So Non-Fiction is not at all in my wheelhouse, but when your hubby gets you a book from a person you have watched on tv and said how much you like her, you give it a chance.
Mamrie Hart is a woman who has a show on YouTube called You Deserve A Drink. She comes up with a topic or person to discuss, a drink to go with it, and shows you how to make it. For Example, on one episode she made a drink called A Donut F**k With Me Martini and proceeded to talk about National Donut day. I laughed my booty off the whole time I watched.
Ok, now that you know a little about Mamrie let me tell you about her book.
It’s filled with stories from her childhood, college days, well from her life. Not the sweet sentimental stories, stories that will make you laugh out loud so hard while you’re reading it while in the salon that people stare at you and think somethings wrong!!
One chapter had me laughing so hard, my ten yr old daughter started laughing at me!!!
She is funny, likes to drink, tells you like it is, and is totally owns her shit!! If I was younger and was anywhere near her, I’d try to get myself a spot on her squad.
I have to say the hubby did good picking out this book, for a non-fiction it rocked!! If you don’t know who Mamrie Hart is look her up on YouTube. Also, each chapter starts off with a drink recipe and she tells you about a built in drinking game in the Foreword!!
Loved this book, check it out!!



Mamrie Lillian Hart is an American comedian, actress, writer and performer. She gained popularity in 2011 through her online YouTube show You Deserve A Drink for which she has won a 2014 Streamy Award for Actress in a Comedy. She currently has over 900,000 subscribers and her main channel has over 42 million views. She also co-wrote, co-produced and co-starred in the 2014 film Camp Takota.


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