#WOTR18 #Review – Rust (King’s Harlots MC, #5) by J.M. Walker

Rust (King's Harlots MC, #6)

“An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker”

His demons are loud.
Held captive within his mind, he does everything he can to forget his life before Vice-One.
As one of the newest recruits, his main goal is to have his “brothers” trust him and he’ll do just about anything to make that happen. Until one passionate night with Creena Chan, the military was all he had.

She’s hiding from her past.
A trained professional, she keeps that part of her life to herself. The darkness weighs heavily on her chest, mixing with the beats of her heart, caused by the one man she tries to ignore. Vincent Stone is nothing like she imagined. Months of flirting lead to an explosion she never saw coming.

Only when Creena and Stone’s limits are tested, do they realize exactly what they will do to find that peace their family and friends deserve.


The entire series is in KU!!


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I receive this book from the author for an honest review.

Say it’s not so!! Like everything else all good things must come to an end and boy does JM Walker know how to end things.  I tell you I have been waiting for Stone the quiet ones always gain my attention.  This book had me from chapter one JM holds no punches in this book.

After celebrating a little too much one night Creena finds herself waking up to in a situation she tried hard to avoid.  That’s right after keeping Stone safely in the friend zone one night changed it all and there was no turning back from it. Creena hold secrets and oh man the secrets she holds is well let’s just say that is one you will have to find out for yourself.  She does what she can to keep her sisters and Stone safe but when her past comes knocking she is forced to open the door.

Vincent Stone what can I say about him he is one Hot alpha and secrets man does he have them. I was floored never even seen is secret coming wasn’t even in the same ball park when that one came flying by. Stone was a loner his life was the military and now all he needs is the support and acceptance of his Vice One Unit.  Well that is until he is given something fun to pursue. He had no clue what it would be like to be with Creena she could never be a one and done type he was addicted and needed more.

I absolutely loved how strong and sassy Creena was. She is exactly what Stone needed to keep him on his toes. These two lead different lives but so much was the same both so broken, so many past scars, and the darkness that resides in them only to realize the other is their light. There was so much in this book from the things that I was blindsided with, to the ups and downs; there was so much switching going on who knew but WOW. I have to put a side note in here I was so excited to see Lucas Crane helping out in this book I so love this man. I have to say it was great to see all the Kings Harlots and Vice One in this book and the ending exceptionally done.  I can only hope that maybe just maybe we will see more of the Kings Harlots and Vice One with all the families growing so fast.

A few of my favorites:

It had been a long time since I’d gotten that drunk. After celebrating a friend’s wedding the night before, it was almost a given that it would happen. But I still couldn’t imagine who I had gone home with. There was no one that I was even remotely close to being interested in. No one other than a guy I had become friends with and kept in the friend zone because it was safe.

I didn’t deserve her. Not one damn thing about her. She was good. Innocent. Although she had a dirty mouth on her, she was light where I was dark. I needed to get far from her before I tainted her soul with the rust of my past.

Lucas Crane smiled down at me, his eye patch lifting when the smile reached his eyes. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Lucas.” He winked. “As you already know.”

Our souls calling out to each other to ease this anxiety we had been feeling for the past several months. It was the clam before the storm, as cliché as that sounded, so we used each other while we could.


J.M. Walker is an Amazon bestselling author who loves all things books, pigs and lip gloss. She is happily married to the man who inspires all of her Heroes and continues to make her weak in the knees every single day.

“Above all, be the HEROINE of your own life…” ~ Nora Ephron

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