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Capture: Part One

When confident photographer Mia arrives at Chicago’s exclusive, trendy BDSM dungeon to take pictures for the handsome dominant owner, Michael Hawke, sparks fly and a powerful connection develops between them. Michael is sexy as hell, and he wants to expose Mia’s darkest desires and teach her about the pleasures of dominance and submission. She’ll only submit to him on her own terms, however – and she’s very clear about what she wants.

This book contains detailed descriptions of consensual sex between a heterosexual couple, including BDSM, bondage and spanking.

This is a short fictional story of about 15K words. The book contains excerpts from other novels by Alexis Alvarez. Thanks for reading!



Review by Jordan

I enjoyed this story. It was short and sexy. Great introduction to the characters and the story line. I look forward to see where this may go.

*purchased book*

Alexis Alvarez writes romances – some are light-hearted contemporary romances; others delve into the exotic world of domination and submission.

Her female heroines are strong-willed women who are never push-overs, and who can hold their own in society and the workplace, but who are intrigued with the idea of kink and submission in the bedroom. Alexis writes with skill and poetry, creating worlds that are both dark and erotic and, at times, humorous and light.

Alexis is a writer, photographer, gourmet cook, former engineer, and mom. She likes other things besides BDSM fiction, and some of them include snorkeling, lemon bars, thunderstorms, and laughing so hard with her sisters and brother that her stomach hurts.

You can find Alexis at the website she shares with her two real-life sisters, who are also romance writers: www.graffitifiction.com


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